Saturday, April 28, 2007

Everyone Needs a Conscience

This woman is without a doubt the other side of my soul. She has taken me broken, spent, and hopeless and made me see worth in myself and the world around me. She is the other voice in our trio. I am not trying to sound boastful, but Becky, Tawana and I have been so entwined through our journey into this part of our lives that when we sing, our harmony is unique. Sometimes we start singing and can't stop. Sometimes we just need to sing to feel complete and calm . Then we meet somewhere or take a car trip around town or sit on someone's porch and SING. We don't care who hears! We have many years of memories of going to the beach together every summer and there we would sing our hearts out on the balcony overlooking the ocean and God's glory. It was then, while at the beach, that there was nothing that could be negative in our lives. Four of us traveled there every summer. After one our group died from breast cancer we haven't been back since. But, we are going to. It is Tawana's favorite place in the world.....the beach. She loves the beach, pumpkins, fall, holidays, traveling, and laughing! She has the best laugh in the world!

Each of us has talents that are particular or peculiar. But, we share a deep connection with each other. We have grown up together, raised our children together, in some instances saved our marriages together, and are daily praying for each other and trying to encourage each other into Heaven.

But, Tawana. She is our leader. She is our strength and our teacher. She knows the right words, the right verses, and knows what key we need to be in whether in be on pages of our music or pages of our lives. She has saved me so many times. She is one of those gifted people that literally can do anything. She is a decorator, a scholar, a Bible teacher, a teacher, a mentor, a mother, and a friend. She is a carpenter, a plumber, a gardener, a "pick up a task and run with it" kind of person. She is beautiful on the outside and the inside. She glows. She is a minister to others, an organizer superior, a chef, a Mimi. When my children were small ( and even now ) if something can't be fixed, figured out or finished, their first words were, "Mom, just call Tawana." Even my parents echo, "There is nothing that Tawana can't do." And that is the truth.

There have been so many times when I have been hurting or needed someone to talk to and it seems I can't get to her side quick enough. There I am consoled and encouraged. She always knows what to say or what to do. I can truly say that she is my conscience. I have to always know that she believes in me. She is truly one of the greatest gifts of my life. One of the wonderful things about the friendship that we three girls share is that we know how much we need each other.

And, I'm not saying all this because it is almost her birthday. But, it is. Almost her birthday. In fact, it is her birthday on May 5th. Which is coming up very soon. Happy Birthday Tewiki and MANY MANY MANY more.


Giggi said...

We all love Wani. And again I amen everything you've said. You are blessed with the best friends.BFF's. Love ya.

jody said...

Wow! It's true that Tawana is so amazing...does she understand this basic fact? She is an amazing, Godly woman. Let's all tell her! Kathy and I are blessed by your friends, too, sissie...thanks for sharing them with our family. Tawana, when I see you, I see peace. You are a woman at peace with yourself and your God. We love you, Jojo

Ashley said...

Momma #3. Love you Tawana!

Heather said...

I love me some Wani!