Thursday, November 29, 2007


Since last May, my financial status has changed significantly. My children and friends were aware this would be happening and so was I. But nonetheless, I was willing to retire after 30 years and just not make enough money to be able to keep giving and living like I had grown accustomed! I won't say it's been it's easy either. I have had a couple of calls from the BANK like, "You need to get some $$$ down here pretty quick." But all in all these last few months have been like a test run. I repeatedly have to ask myself..........Do I want to spend it or do I want to go back to work? Do I really really need that? HMMMMMMMMM.

Now, that Christmas is here I want the money. I want it bad. I want to start shopping. I want to start buying. But, I have 0 coming in. And, I want to keep giving to my family like I have always done. But, it just ain't gonna happen unless I steal a car and hold up a convenience store and I really don't think that would look right. There has got to be another way.

I know that my grown ones will understand that things are cutting back drastically. I've always said it but now it's true. I made this decision to stay home. But, it's hard to tell the little ones. I went from 2 grandchildren last year to 4 this year. They are the ones that matter. They are what Christmas is about! I just hope that whatever is under the tree that everyone knows that my love for them will never change. Broke or not. That if I could I would give you the moon. So, just be ready for a very laid back and easy Christmas on this end.

I would like to see Rooster and Lulu clean out a box each of "still good" toys and take them down to Blue Santa for some kids who won't get anything. That would be my gift! I would be so proud. There will be plenty in this town who won't even get one present. Even though they write a letter and think, "maybe this year Santa will remember me." . Our family is so lucky to get to be together. We just won't have the millions of gifts that we usually do. But if I have all my babies in my nest I'll be happy enough.

OK...... Rooster, Lulu, Possum, and Tiny Princess, I would love to be able to help this little boy who is hungry and sad. Maybe we need to collect our quarters and dollars and send them to him to help him for part of our Christmas. Wouldn't that make us happy to help someone else have a Merry Christmas? Or that someone had something to eat while we have a fridge full? That would make us happy. I just want us all to be thankful that we have each other and we have so much to be thankful for. We have clothes, food, warm beds, and lots of toys and things that we need but don't even think of as not being normal. But, mostly we get to be together. We get to live in a free country where we can love God and proudly be Christians.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, Lynn. Do I ever know what you are talking about. As you probably know, most people think that we retired to Longview. Well, we didn't retire, but are living on practically a retirement "wage". You get the gist. Ricky came up with an idea (okay, he read it). We are going to give kids only presents. Adults are going to give "relational" gifts to each other. Things that require time and thought. Ex. Ricky has a huge yard with big trees...millions of leaves. His gift could be that the family rakes his leaves for him..He doesn't pay the neighbor kid the annual $50 to rake. ( kid isn't too happy about this..his parents are going this route, too) The $ that we determine that we could have spent on gifts that we don't know if they would like or not, or on gift cards for more stuff..we will pool together to buy a goat or some chickens for our missionary's village farm in Africa. Or, for medicene that costs us pennies and costs them more than they have (villagers). Ricky and Chris are researching now just where we can put our $. It lifts a burden from us at Christmas spending $ on unfulfilling gifts and excites us about being able to help someone in a meaningful way. I'll give you the address where you can read about this later. Love, Vicky

Snapshot said...

Yes, Yes. Money or not, but yes money is tight here too with a new 16 year old male driver. (Insurance is eating us alive) No more "every body bring a $10 gift and we'll play dirty Christmas". That got completely out of hand. My best friend does an annual party and every adult is to bring a $25 gift. That's $50 a couple and I usually don't bring home something I want and certainly don't need. So this year I'm showing up at the party giftless. I won't play the game. I'll just watch. I hope she isn't offended, but we just don't have $50 to spare for waste. In my husband's family, one of the nephews had a medical emergency and has no health insurance. So instead of buying a bunch of useless gifts for each other, or drawing names or playing a silly Christmas gift game, this year we are going to be making a family donation to him and his family. That way we are doing what I believe God wants. We are to take care of one another.
My kids are a bit concerned that Christmas has come to an end. I told them the other day that Christmas has just started when we begin to think of others more than ourselves and make better use of the money God has blessed us with.

Ashley said...

I like Vickys idea. I wanna buy a goat. :)

Love you...and I'll say it again. You don't have to buy me anything. It would make me happier for Avery, Reid, Macy and Jaxon to have a great christmas....and to buy a goat. :)

Seriously though...BA and I can paint your kitchen????

Love you..

Heather said...

What have I been telling you for 11 years? ha!!

Love you

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you!!! Nothing could make me happier than for you give to your grandkids, but not to us. We have more than we need. We love you and that is the best gift of all is for you to share with the less fortunate. Nana

The Doty's Dish said...

Well first of all, if you were serious about robbing a bank, I am totally in...I think I have seen enough movies to know how to pull it off :) Or we could just get a goat...I am actually an expert at stealing them (not really, just the activity held for my bachelorette party).

On a serious note, your family has taken me in and made me a part of yours and that is all I have ever needed for Christmas. Family at this time of year was always so predominate in my life because I used to be the kid that only received one care bare for christmas and so did my 15 year old uncle...not having any money for anything, just makes me appreciate what I do have even more. I'm totally up for just making the grandkids happy...I have all I need.

Anonymous said...

i am glad you are proud to be a Christian. However, we do not live in a country where other religions are tolerated. other people do not have the same privilege as you. it must be nice to be able to tout your pride, while others have to explain their existence. it must be nice to not have to question the status quo and accept everything that is wrong with our society and government. i am glad our president is on your side...and not mine. this makes me proude to not be a Christian. and, no, i am not Muslim.