Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Decision to a Personal Dilemma

I am not one of those people who are overly fond of reading those "bragging" Christmas letters about how the entire family has exceeded in everything they attempted for the entire year. About how everything is just so easy and wonderful. How smart their children are. How successful their careers are. Etc. Etc. Etc. Nonetheless, I always receive a few every year. I always read them and I am sure I smirk my little smug smirk that says, "No one can be that perfect!"

So here is my dilemma. I want to send one out this year about my family. Only it will not be a normal one. Most of these people that will get our card I only hear from once a year along with an occasional email forward. They don't know the half of what I have been dealing with all year. Not near as much as you do ....those who have read my blog this year. They don't know the bad things that have happened along with the good things. Even though they don't mention theirs I am going to tell them mine. Here is a brief synopsis of how it will go the BAD WITH THE GOOD:

Dear Ones,
Yes, the picture attached shows my beautiful and smiling family. This picture was made after Texas lost to the Aggies. We are wearing our Horns shirts totally believing it was a rigged game to save some coach's neck. They are smiling only because I threatened them all. This picture was made at 9:00 PM at night on deck outside. It was freezing. Macy had already had to get marched into the house and threatened by her mother, my daughter. Reid was standing by me because he didn't want to stand by his sister while she got in trouble. Ashley had to wear her jean jacket over her shirt. That is her story though. Otherwise we all coordinated nicely and the jacket made a definite fashion statement. The 4 guys on the back row never moved. They had the exact same look in the entire roll that was shot. No obligations except to look handsome. The girls, myself included, were all shuffling on the front row trying to get the project moving so we could go inside. The picture being made in itself is a Christmas miracle. I was determined......or as my children would lovingly and respectfully say........stubborn and "hellbent".

So, dear ones, here is a story of our year.
January........cold.....boring........property taxes about killed us along with Christmas debt. Mom and Dad both were very sick with the flu, strep and a touch of pneumonia. After 2 trips to the ER..... I put Mom in the hospital and "locked" Daddy in the house to keep him in. I mean I literally had to call for help from my sisters because he would not stay put. As sick as he was! I couldn't be at the hospital with mom and keeping him from sneaking out in the cold.
February.......a busy month of birthdays for our family. I let the maid go. Daddy had some minor surgery. Outpatient. All is fine.
March......A month full of dr. appointments and G started working nights for the month.
April......A dear friend from church died after battling cancer.
May.......A month full of buying wedding gifts and hostessing showers. I went through a book of checks. The end of another school year made me think ever so briefly about retiring.
June.......The month for mammograms, well checks, and bathing suits. I rarely left the pool. I checked the mail about once every 2 weeks. I thought I was getting that phobia that people have when they don't want to leave their houses.
July.........I had another heart attack and spent the night of the 4th in STARFLIGHT headed to the Heart Hospital. The rest of the month is spent at the doctor and on the couch. That is until I returned to the office on the 25th for school registration. Did I mention I thought about retirement?
August......9 family birthdays....................$$$$$ Back to school $$$$$$$ More blood work and tests.
September......More tests this time in Houston. Daddy had a TIA ( small stroke ) Spent several days in the hospital. On the happiest side, we found out we were going to be grandparents again in April. Am still grinning in December. Got a nice raise at work.
October......Began remodeling household areas that I never should have started.....$$$$$$ need therapy for too much HGTV. Went to Abilene to see son and daughter in laws new home. Took grandchildren. Had a WONDERFUL TIME
November.....I don't think I participated in November. Although, I do remember a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. Found out we were going to be grandparents again in June.......really grinning now. I think I'll grin forever.
December......I have NO earthly idea how it got here. I have not finished shopping. There are 20 more days til' Christmas. I have to have a stress test. A month full of parties every weekend and even some during the week. The house to straighten and get ready for company. Gifts to wrap. Food to cook. Still have to go to work. Property taxes are coming due again. Notes coming due at the bank. We need a new roof. We need new carpet. Did I mention I want to retire?

Hope your year was extra happy too. Me? I am just glad to be here. Have a wonderful New Year 2007.


the &*&^%&*%% family

So what do you think? Should I send it?


Paul said...

Sounds like an amazing year. God is good. You are still here!

That Girl said...

I would think December is all the stress test you would ever need!!!

DJG said...

Send it sister! I am with you on the perfect letters....and I don't like getting Christmas cards without some type of personal update....

Go for it....God is good even during the crappy years!

Layla said...

YES!! SEND IT AS IS! Its the best one I've ever read cause its real!

Heather said...

Oh, send it...it sounds good. It does sound like a crazy year, though. HA

And, I don't know if I like the whole world knowing that I got on to my child during the sweet Christmas picture...hee hee

jodyreese said...

It's the perfect Christmas letter...of course you should send it. Thank you for not mentioning my name! Can't wait to see you! Love, JoJo

Ashley said...

You mean you didn't want to talk about my headlights! ha ha ha.

I say send it. I think its hilarious!

everyday.wonder said...

That is the fastest-paced, most interesting Christmas letter I have ever read. You can actually feel the wind whipping through your hair while you read it. Years really do go by that fast. Wow!

I'd be jealous if I ever had any intention of sending out a Christmas card of any kind... *smirk*

Here's to putting the breaks on (or at least downshifting once) this coming year!

islaygirl said...

send it. send it. it's exactly what everyone wants to know; the real stuff, you know? and, uh, no more heart attacks for you. i insist.

Giggi said...

Best Christmas letter ever! I need on for my basket!