Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I started out to the library this morning as is my usual Wednesday morning routine. When I got closer to the turn I noticed a lot of "activity" in the area. I mean come on. This is a one light town and if more than 2 cars are on the same street we call it a crowd. Well maybe not quite that dramatic but anyway. I knew right off what it was. I was disgusted!

You see, they are filiming another movie in MY town. A major one too. There are 2 very well known stars in it and one is a hunka hunka hunka. But, no names for now. Anyway. I thought to myself ...."Who does he think he is that we just bow to him! I can't even believe it." Aren't they just normal people after all?

Our police force was even out in full gear! We get excited over the little things here. Road blocks were up and all. Full uniform. Serious faces. I was not amused.

Evidently filming had started. "WHO CARES???" , I thought. For the last several weekends there had been all kinds of movie agents/casting people in town. Lines surrounded the city hall. My daddy and uncle even went and stood in line for an audition. And, my uncle got a call back! Children and pets were last weekend. Someone's dog got picked to be in the movie. Plus, numerous children in town got selected for extra parts. So the excitement was already brewing.

Camera crews were everywhere. People strolling along looking important.

Before long the word was out. All of a sudden this was similiar to the scene I saw. Not really but ..........

Then before I could park in front of the library my cell phone rang. It was Becky and she was hysterical. She was on her way to lunch, going the normal way, down a normal street, to have a normal lunch. She stopped at the road block and was disgusted at first like I was to be inconvenienced by stardom. When all of sudden she looked up and directly in "spitting" distance from her window he stood. HE WAS JUST STANDING THERE. He was a real human. He smiled. All dressed in full Navy dress blues holding an officer's cap. And her mouth fell open. He was between takes walking to the next scene sight with the movie directors.

I admit it. As friends we tend to get caught up in excitement together. Becky's excitement is contagious too. SHE SAW HIM! And I didn't. She even got a picture! OK. Since I have gotton home I have loaded my car with my camera and binoculars. I never could stand up to peer pressure.

I am sure by this time next week we will all be sitting in the middle of the block in neighboring yards looking similar to this.


Vicky said...

Oh Lynn,
I know who it is! I can't stand it! I know being with my grandchildren is essentially much better than being in Smv at this magical time! hahaha. What I want to know is...Is he as tall as you, or is he as tall as Becky? Or maybe, even taller than Becky? Did she not get out of the car to check?!! Well, I know she did her best. Yall have fun!

Snapshot said...

WHO IS IT?????????

The Doty's Dish said...

I'm glad I know who it is...or else I would just be dying right now!! I should have taken Jaxon up there to see if she would get a call back...can you imagine if she were held by him...It'd be like Reid being held by old Sandra!

Tara said...

OMG, this blog is hilarious!! Lynn you really do need to be writing your own column for the Times or could be making some $$! I'm glad we are 3 hours away from the madness but I will so enjoy reading about all the excitment! Keep up the great work! Love you!!

Giggi said...

Whitney is so ready to load up & come! She wants to cancel her nose surgery & head that way!!! Maybe it will be a good reason to get well fast! We're excited!