Thursday, February 28, 2008



IN OTHER NEWS...... I have the sweetest friend who lives on the edge of a beautiful place called SINGING WOODS. It is peaceful, tranquil, full of love, animals roam, and snow falls quietly. But, right now it's anything but tranquil in her heart. She is fighting cancer in the fight of her life. Yet, sometimes she is so courageous in her posts you forget that she is fighting. I think she is brave but she doesn't. She says she is scared. She says that she tries not to feel sorry for herself. She says she worries about her family and their place in all this madness called cancer. But, I say to her........."Hey ! It's alright to feel all those things. Hey ! It's alright to be scared and mad and have pity parties. It's ok. " I think that those things, those emotions, are what makes a true warrior and fighter. Because she has the strongest emotion of all on her side. LOVE. She shared this award with me today along with some of her other friends. Love you DEENA. Please pray for her everyday!


One of my sweet daughters left today with 5 of her dear friends for a girls weekend to Savannah GA ! They were so excited. They have all kinds of plans including having lunch at Paula Deen's restaurant ! They know they will be in line for hours. They are a special group of girls. Pray for all the daddies left caring for the kids! I know my grandbabies and their Daddy have lots of plans ! SWEET DADS!


Some of you have asked about my mom. She is doing much better everyday. Still a few little problems with getting back some energy but hey.....I have that too! Thanks for all your prayers.


Oh, and little Av is feeling much better too. She is back to her happy little self. Mean old teeth. Little J thrilled her mom by saying "Mama" today.'s the simple things all along, isn't it?


My joys today:
Waking up and not having to go anywhere!
My family......
A sunny day
Hot coffee
Plans to clean and energy to do it
Supper already ready to pop in the oven
HEALTH inside and out
Going to the gym later
Getting an award from Deena


Ashley said...

You forgot to add to your joys today : My daughters umpteen calls everyday.

Now THAT is joy. :)

Love quit rearranging the furniture before you pop a stent. I'm telling dad.

Lynn said...

OH I do cherish my daughter's umpteen million daily calls. I really do. It makes me feel like you are still home. Don't stop calling. I am almost done rearranging.....HGTV take me away.

SweetAnnee said...

LOL..I love your're right I did leave ONE off my list!!
I'll add it tomorrow
I already have some to post on Friday..

Hope today was WONDERFUL!!
love to you, deena

NO moving FURNITURE ..bad girl , bad girl~~

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look very tall to me. Please tell me that all those people standing around are very tall. Prayers go out for Deena. And, yes! Ashley, tell Dad, because you know she's not going to quit moving furniture!

Anonymous said...

it was me, Vicky/ Sorry.

Snapshot said...

So I still can't tell, who is it??

Amy said...

I can't either!

For a one-light town it sounds like a happening place. :)

That Girl said...

Ah ha!!! I just saw on who is filming in Texas!!!! Oh dear gussie! I wouldn't sleep for hunting him down!

Giggi said...

They showed a little blip on inside edition tonight. They didn't give S'ville any credit, they said Austin. Oh well, the crowds would just get a whole lot worse!!!

Ashley said...

It was on the Houston news tonight too..and they actually gave the 'ville the credit.