Friday, February 01, 2008

JUST a note from all my "wearing RED" "good cause supporting" "PRAYING warrior, friends from around everywhere. Four thirty AM came early but it's now seven PM and I am HOME. Initial reports were very good. I didn't even get to wear my sweet new comfy jammies. GREAT I'll enjoy them tonight.

My "procedure" is over and I am even home. There was not an additional stent added. Which right now is great. It was a long day but I understand I slept through most of it while my grown children, grandchildren, parents and dear friends entertained each other watching movies, laughing, visiting the hospital snack bars, and back and forth to my room! Poppi got in a few good naps all snuggled on the couch. Hubby kept a bedside wait with me and I am so grateful for him. The kids all got here last night so we were up late. Mitch came ALONE with baby Jaxon ( 6months old) after he got off work. We laughed because they unloaded with a "dirty diaper" and an ice chest FULL of frozen breast milk. I know JD ( her mommy ) is totally missing her today and it was a great sacrifice to let them come. They'll see her tomorrow though.
The doctor's final words to hubby and me was, "your heart looks great considering what it's been through." He said that he did see about 40% blockage in on of the arteries but it was not sufficient at this time to go through a more major surgery. He is still concerned about the breathlessness feeling I have been having and we will follow up on in the next weeks. I came home wearing a holter monitor which I have done before. It is a continous computurized EKG for 24 hours straight. Anytime I feel something weird I am supposed to push a button and hit a key describing time/place/activity/sensation. Pretty cool. He says we will get to the bottom of some of this and I think he meant it! For that I am glad.

SO, thanks for all your prayers especially. For thinking of me today. For my gal friends who supported me today wearing RED. My precious JD and the entire ACU LADY WILCAT softball team has been praying for me all week and wore red ribbon armbands at their tournament this weekend. I even got a picture of a blonde beauty princess who even supported a tag with my name on it! I am totally honored for a huge crowd of her employees there wearing red. For privacy I won't share the pictures but they made me SMILE. I have gotton emails and cyber hugs ever since I got home tonight. I am so thankful.


SweetAnnee said...

Oh sweetie
I thought of you often glad you're home
and comfy!!
Love ya

Donna said...

I am so glad you got good news!

jody said...

GO sissy! We're so glad you're home and your report was good. I think I like this new doctor--he sounds like he wants to be very thorough. We'll be thinking of you these next few days because... It's almost YOUR BIRTHDAY! Love, Jody

Anonymous said...

Glady you're good!

mindy said...

I am enjoying some time with Jack and Sam and Christine tonight - Matt is at the Men's Retreat. I hope you got my phone message...I sure did pray hard today and was so happy when Kathy gave me the news. Looked over here to see if one of the girls updated and of course, you are blogging! By the way, my sis loves your blog! Take good care and hopefully, someday, we'll get together again!

tiger lamb girl said...

I'm so pleased you came through everything;) okay!


Snapshot said...

Whew. Glad it's over and things look good.
I wore a red jacket to dinner on Friday night in your honor!

Giggi said...

So thankful everything went well. Lots of people were praying for you Friday, and will continue to pray that they do get everything figured out. Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday. Hope you feel like having birthday! Party time!