Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Team Brock and Brody are gearing up and getting ready to walk. We are in the process of finalizing T-shirts now. Our team seems to be 20 + and strong at this point. By the time we reach Houston next weekend we should be ready to go. I am excited. I may be pushing a stroller but that's ok. We'll keep you posted how it goes. Captains / Organizers Ashley and BA, aka Mommy and Daddy, have worked hard getting this event organized for us. Uncle Mitch got Tshirts donated. Aunt Heather is organizing our elite line up. Reid and Macy are excited to participate. We are hoping that Macy can ride her scooter part of the way. It's a 5 mile walk starting from the U of H. We have aunts, cousins, and dear friends coming from all over to help us bringing the money they raised. Which will all be donated to the March of Dimes. Log on the their website and read all about it. This Neena will be there. Walking 5 miles just for her boys who are in Heaven waiting for us all to join them.
Our friends who were badly injured in the car accident on Friday night are doing much better. It is going to be a very, very long healing process. Therapies and surgeries to come. Continue to remember them in your prayers.
Mom is enjoying her aquatic therapy on her legs. Hopefully, she'll be running races soon.
Tawana is doing better everyday after her record breaking gallstone! She is glad that is over.
In other news.......Brad Pitt is still roaming the streets here. Angelina and the kids are enjoying country life. Sissy Spacek and her daughter were dining in our BBQ place last week. Filming is in full swing. Soon our little town will be back to normal. And we'll be waiting just like you to see the movie.


mindy said...

Can't wait to see you next week! I think pushing a stroller will make it easier - we'll have something to lean on!!!!

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Maybe I need to drive over to see the celebrities. The only ones we see around here are Spurs players and Eva Longoria-Parker! Rumor has it she can be spotted at the local HEB on a regular basis when Desperate Housewives is not filming.

Hope you have beautiful weather for your walk.

Leslie said...

so excited about this event! You will be walking at my college! :) Such a great thing that you all are doing :)

Giggi said...

My walking shoes are ready, hope my body can keep up!!! See you in Houston! Love you!