Thursday, September 22, 2005

Neenastar says "I Like My Rita with a Little Salt on the Edges"

Once again the Sabs are on their way. They have now been in the car for about 16 hours. Macy has had enough of that car seat. Thank goodness for Barney and Cinderella. They did get to rest some at Aunt Ashley's and Uncle B's before heading out again. Last time I talked to them about 2o minutes ago ( It is now almost 8PM ) they were moving along for the first time about 5o mph. That is progress. If they can stay on country roads and weave their way through they should be able to make it here by 10????? We'll see. Thanks for all the prayers for them. Now, we have to get everybody home after this mess. It looks like our area is not going to be hammered as bad as first thought. We will get rains and high winds but that should be all. We are anxious to watch the next update on the weather to see where Rita is going. More from Neena central later.

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