Sunday, September 18, 2005


Oh my......another busy Sunday that always goes something like again. Boring as it sounds, my spiritual battery is charged and I am ready for another week....I started the day wearing my new prescription contacts. I know that there is a time frame for getting "used" to them however I don't think that on Day 4 I should still be almost blind. I was totally frustrated in church because I couldn't even read the power point...Good thing I knew all the songs by heart today. Funny things about all old hymns. I really did know all the words to al the verses. I believe that is proof that I was born on the pew so to speak. Anyway, I got home this morning and dug around for my old lenses ( I saved them for an emergency ) and VIOLA. I can see again. I will be calling Texan Eye Care in the morning.

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B-Rock said...

Glad to see you back to posting! God Bless!

Brock Paulk