Saturday, September 17, 2005


It is Saturday again! I hate to admit that sometimes the days just fly by. Paps and I had our usual Saturday night date to Walmart. We even stopped by and had dinner at Schlotzkey's. What a night. Almost more than I could stand. When you get past the age of &Y&#@^&^$^)# it doesn't take much to get the old blood pressure up. However, Saturdays are also lonesome days. During the week, my empty nest isn't so bad. But, on Saturdays when I am knocking around in this big old house all day I miss the noise of life. The noise of slamming doors, blasting radios, arguing brothers and sisters ( who????), phones ringing, TV's up too loud, messy messy bedrooms, refrigerator doors being opened and closed a milion times and the always favorite comment, "There is never anything in this house to eat". Now, the sound of silence is almost as loud as the life that was once here. I always miss my kids........although I have resigned that they are not ever coming back to live here. Now, I especially miss my precious Reid and Macy. I wish we lived closer so I could to ballgames, visit at school, go to the movies, and Macy's dance practice.......and of course babysit when needed. Oh I said, it is Saturday again. But, I am so blessed that I had all those Saturdays in the past.......The ones where I was SO TIRED from a wild week. BUT..... Tomorrow is the BUSY we used to, eat, nap and church. Those are all scriptual things that have to be in that order on Sundays!!!!

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