Monday, May 07, 2007

Early Risers

When I stepped out the back door with my cup of coffee this morning, I thought I would be the only one up and out. But, I had nosy neighbors. It looks like they are wondering what I am doing there! Almost like they are whispering to each other! I think the heifer on the left is the one I watched being born through binoculars some months back! Oh, the entertainment I have. Who says you have to spend money on entertainment?


mindy tyndall said...

One of my favorite things to do when we go to our family's farm is go and see the cows. They are just so...content.
Maybe I'll come do some cow-watching with you in a few months!
Hugs - M

Giggi said...

What a peaceful way to start the day! Pretty soon you can take your time on the deck! Aren't you looking forward to that??? Love ya, Kathy

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Nice picture. Ahh, I miss Texas. But at least we're out in the country where we live now. This spring we've gotten to see lambs being born (and my kids got to help feed the few orphans), baby fox cubs and baby chicks.... nothing like being in the country side.

Thanks for visiting my blog;).