Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The KING of my Heart

This child makes my heart sing. He makes me smile. To say the years have flown by since he has been "my boy" would be an understatement! This is my first grandchild. I call him Rooster. He was born a "little man". He is one of those unique children that questions everything and must have answers. And not childish answers. He wants the truth and the logic. He has always been very mechanical minded and loves anything with engines and any and ALL sports! He told me one year he wanted to have his birthday party at the HUMMER dealership. Before his feet could reach the pedals he would ride all over our acres on the riding lawn mower just knowing he was driving in the Indy! He would circle the house until he ran out of gas. Then he would push it back to the garage with a little help. Or get one of us to haul the gas can out so he could keep going. No one ever left a driveway that he didn't start their engine. Before he was 2 he always asked everyone he saw to see their car keys. By the time he learned to speak, he knew every make and model of car and truck on the highway and he LOVED diesels and duelies. God blessed me the first three years of his life because he lived within a mile of my house. I saw him daily ....several times a day. Lots of nights I tucked him in bed while his mom and daddy walked. When his daddy got a job in Houston I thought my heart would break but it didn't and it didn't keep me away from being in his life. God had a plan for this little family. There is NOTHING I wouldn't do for him. I mean nothing. He loves to come stay at my house and when he is here he is pretty much the KING. Okay, he is the KING. At Neena's house, there are no rules, bedtimes or food restrictions. I know that is terrible but so far it has worked out great ! He loves trucks, thanks to his Uncle B ! He thought and still does that Uncle B has the coolest truck ever! One time, when he was about 4, I was driving him back to Houston after a visit. At the time we had a running total of how many duelie trucks we saw everyday . He would call me every night to see how many I had seen and tell me how many he saw and we would add them up. I forgot how high we got up to. But on this trip ( 2 hour trip ) he decided that he wanted all the windows on my JEEP rolled down so that we could listen for duelies coming and going while we counted. Now, do you think I would have allowed this with my own children? Absolutely NOT. But, those windows came down and by the time we got to Houston I looked like I had stuck my finger in a light socket. We counted and heard close to 25 duelies on that trip. Once we got on IH 10 we were steady counting! That little 4 year old has grown up to be a BIG 10 year old sports jock. He is a competitive and talented basketball and baseball player. Last summer he came to the 'ville and went to our coaches "TIGER Summer Basketball Camp" and one of the coaches told me he was ready to sign him onto the Varsity squad. He really is an amazing athlete like his daddy ,Uncle Bubs and Uncle B. He loves sports, ESPN, all TRIVIA and he knows it all. He and his daddy go to the ASTRO's games all the time. They even got to go to the World Series last year. He is all boy. He loves gadgets and gizmos. For Christmas he always gives me a LIST of wants. This year he wrote, "gadgets, you know what I like." He also loves to go to GATTILAND where he continuosly hits the jackpot and puts the tickets into his ever growing GATTILAND account. His account is in the thousands because he refuses to buy one of those junkie toys. I wish they would apply it to his college education. He is a loyal LONGHORN fan, a polite, sweet and well mannered little man, an honor roll student, a sweet big brother to LuLu, the loving and oldest cousin to 2 little baby girls, his mommy's love, his daddy's pride, a child of God, and his Neena's 1st clue that the world should go on and on.


Lacie said...

I love Reid too!!! I remember when I was getting to know Heather after we both moved to the Houston area- I was amazed at Reid's ability to just look at a car/truck and he could tell you everything about it. His eyes would get big when he saw a Ford F150 or a dually. (Hee Hee) I just laugh thinking about it!

Ashley said...

I really think he's my child and that God let Heather birth him. HA!

I loved toting him everywhere when he was a baby and just a wee one. I loved the time I kidnapped him and took him back to college with me. Everyone loved him.

My little honey...he's growing up way to fast.

Holly said...

Thank you for your sweet comment over on my blog. I just love Heather to pieces and I feel so very fortunate to have her in my life! All the special things she has said about you make me wonder--are you open to the idea of adoption? Hee! Hee!

Reid is such "the Man", I loved reading about your memories!

Giggi said...

We all love Rooster! I really can't believe how big he is getting! You are such a fun grandma, & I know he has tons of special memories of good times with Neena. I think this would be a good summer to add six flags to the list! Maybe hurricane harbor, NRH20, Rangers game... We miss ya'll! Love you

Heather said...

Thank you for loving my babies so much. They are lucky to have you for a Neena and I lucky to have you for my mom. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you, but Reid has been my boy from the first!! And I loved when he lived next door and could walk over and we would play in the van--he would drive and every so often he would get out and see if the police were behind us. He was so much fun, and we just love him to pieces. Nana &Poppi