Friday, March 07, 2008

My Neena headed to Abilene early in the week anticipating to snuggle and play outside with me! And the snow started to fall. Big beautiful flakes. Big blowing winds. And thunder? I didn't know it thundered when it snowed. The cold day and snow here stuck on the yard keeping us in and watching from the big glass door.

Then we ate a BIG yummy breakfast and I played in the highchair by the picture window and watched some MORE snow while Neena washed dishes. Petey and Tex, the family guard dogs, were romping and running through the snow drifts and flakes like they were crazy. It made us laugh! It was also very tasty and I ate every bite. I really made a big mess. Neena tried to feed me as fast as you can!

So, then we decided to play in the bathtub to clean me up! I wanted to show Neena how I can stretch and eat my toes. I think I am going to be a ballerina like my cousin Macy. Cousin Avery can do this too and we are going to practice, practice! During playtime with all my toys was so much fun. Neena never says no. She says "WHATEVER YOU WANT DARLING." And then I snuggled warm under my towel.

Then I got to watch a little TV. The Backyardigans is my favorite show and keeps me still the whole show. Neena likes it too and we sing. Then I got out all my favorite toys to play with. I even found my Daddy's hat! Neena thinks I am so funny!

Then we played a little dress up. It is fun to play that with Neena.

We were so tired that I felt my big brown eyes get very heavy.
Pretty soon Neena said, "It's nappy time" for pretty princesses. So, I found my favorite fingers and it wasn't long before I was sound asleep. But, that's ok because when I wake up, we are going to do it all again.


Kellianne said...

how precious! i love the picture of jaxon sucking her fingers, she looks so innocent :) hope all is going well!

SweetAnnee said...

you're having fun with Neena!!
tell her I'm sending you both
a big old hug and kiss and prayers
for LOTS of fun!!

smiles, Deena

Snapshot said...


SweetAnnee said...

Just stopping in to say hello. Hope you're not ill now..
this virus isn't fun

fondly, Deena