Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not everyone is suited for small town life. I should know. I have spent more than 1/2 my life in a small town. I love it. It was a great place to grow up, a great place to raise my children, and now a great place to "do nothing". But, I was especially reminded of all the differences in my life vs. "city" folk this weekend. My town celebrated it's annual "whingding", festival, brawl, whatever you choose to call it this weekend. Complete with carnival, food booths, Main Street parade (traffic stops for 4 hours ), craft show, I don't really arrange my schedule around it but I do like to spend a little time down at the park on the Saturday of the event to visit with OLD friends, eat some great food, and people watch. AMAZING the strangers that turn up when the park lights turn on! There were more people out there than are populated in the entire town. There is a group of people that work year round to make this event happen and dedicate themselves to it totally! I don't believe in a lot of things that go on out there and I don't financially or physically make it happen but it has been going on for decades now and my little opinion doesn't matter! So, I just look for the fun part. You know I can make fun out of anything!

Small town people are definitely a different kind of people. You have to have a different mindset then city people. And it's not all bad. It is rather of "a what's good for you is not necessarily good for me" type of mindset. I've mentioned before that my children are all in cities now. I have found that people are not usually patient in the city. No offense to my city friends. People honk at you in the city and it doesn't usually mean "HEY GIRLFRIEND!" The traffic in the city drives me NUTS. Literally. Why? Because, I honestly used to leave my house for work 10 minutes before work and never stop unless the chickens were out on Gasly Street. I was there even then before the school bell. The only time I was late was when there was a train and then all the buses and half the school children were waiting too. And waving at me out the back of the bus window. If I am not at the post office to check my mail they usually call to check on me. If I forget my checkbook at the grocery they let me run home and get it. ( I know this to be true ) It takes forever to go to "town" because you have to stop and visit with everyone. I could go on and on.

Our town is being surrounded by progress on the west side. It has for years now. But, it seems to slowly creep up to a certain distance and stop. That's ok with me. Now I just don't have to drive hours to the city like I used for anything that wasn't classified as a necessity. It's about 20 minutes to a little progressiveness known as Wal**m*art. . We still only have one grocery store here though and it's family owned. Who needs a super store? Yes, everyone knows EVERYONE'S business. Sometimes it is very A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G. But just let something bad happen to you. Or let a tragedy strike. And people swarm to help. And they are genuine. Everyone knows everyone. And if someone gets a new car? OMG everyone knows. It might even make the weekly paper. There was a headline in one of the columns this week about someone's medical test being NOT cancerous. You gotta love it.

We have what is honestly known as the best bbq around, a railroad hub, a major river, a Christmas tree farm, one fast food place, a state park, a little "modern" airport landing strip ( for those that want out quick ), a historical district, ONE main street and stop light, the friendliest people in the world, right now movie stars galore filming, 2 family doctors, you got the idea? But then we have these to look forward to every spring.

The two main species of Texas bluebonnets are found growing naturally only in Texas and no where else in the world.

GOD BLESSED TEXAS yall......for sure!


Worshipping the LORD
Being with family
My mom feeling better
My children/grandchildren being healthy and safe
Wisdom.....not my own
Answered prayer
Precious friends
Mexican food and church pot lucks
Hearing baby talk


Snapshot said...

Texans are a proud people. And ya gotta love a small town....or hate it. I love my Alabama small town too!

SweetAnnee said...

I lived in a small town once and I never felt comfortable.. I think I'm more of a big city, no one notices me kinda girl..
although I live in the WOODS now..

tiger lamb girl said...

I love living in a small town. Cities are often void of humanity. And that makes me feel kinda lost and sad in a sea of people.

I'm really missing the bluebonnets! They ARE beautiful:).

Giggi said...

Once a small town girl... no wonder people think I'm wierd around here!

Barbie said...

the bluebonnets are so pretty!! I may have to just drive to Texas to see them:-)

Lacie said...

I am so getting the small town thing~ It's funny...I moved into a small town looking for what I thought my family needed and I found blessing where I didn't expect them! People are soo friendly AND they remember you! People STOP and talk, not just smile and move along...Honking I have forgotten about honking!...Thre are many blessing that go with small town living!

Personal! That is the word I have been looking for! Things are just more personal!...Even with those you don't even really know!