Monday, March 03, 2008

Several weeks ago I decided to tackle a project that I had been putting off. Like a really long time. Like long before most of you that read this blog were born. I decided to totally, as in take everything out, clean my closet. The last straw was when I found the dress I fondly called my "going away dress" from my wedding day. Although it is/was totally back in style it was/ is totally not my size anymore.

I wish I had a before picture. But, I never would have posted it even if I had. It would have been way too embarassing. Few, very few people have had the guts to open that door. Me included. Once a month or so, I did what I called "straightened it up". This basically entailed hanging up things off the floor or if it was too bad just making it all a couple of loads of wash.

It took me all day to unearth stuff from the depths of my closet. I was in amazement how it all got in there. I had already decided that I would NOT even think about putting stuff back in there that I was not absolutely sure that was:

a: still within my size range

b: was made within this decade

c: true to my generation ( whatever that means)

I started stuffing "trash bags" for Goodwill. If I paused to think about something it made it harder to put in the bag. So, I didn't pause very often. By nightfall, I had the entire room filled with trash bags. And a pretty empty closet as compared to the morning view.

I will admit though that the colorful collage that used to be my closet now seems to have a theme going on over on the skirt / dress side. A five or so foot pole with 1 1/2 feet of drab. Actually rather depressing. What is up with all that black and brown? I have colorful tops but nothing to wear them with! Several times a week I wish I would have looked in those trashbags a little closer. Or maybe it is time for a day spent thrift shopping! I love a good thrift shop.

Purses. Shoes. Shirts. Skirts. Totes. Capris. I am a self professed and confessed shop a holic. I love love love love new clothes. And stuff. I remember when I worked I used to like to see how long I could go without wearing the same thing. I love to mix and match outfits and create new looks. But, I didn't work anymore and this just seemed to be a good time to clean it out. And start anew. With a different type of wardrobe. Now before I buy something it has to fit a couple of rules. And a couple of places on my body!

No matter what a slob I can be I always get total satisfaction and pride out of having a clean closet. Even if I am the only one that sees.


Snapshot said...

What a trooper you are.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how about an all expense paid trip to Longview to clean out 2 out of 3 closets that are in my house. One is 'our' closet. The other is a really long useful closet, except that it is totally junked up. About once a month I put it on my imaginary docket of things that must get done this month. As I said..imaginary docket. I guess I just imagine that I clean it and organize it. Thanks for the cool Smv article. You seem to be feeling better. Great! Vicky

SweetAnnee said...

Oh girl.. a clean closet rocks!!
you did GOOD!!

Now..I come help me clean my studio, we can sit on the floor and talk and laugh
lovingly, Deena

SweetAnnee said...

Praying for a good day for both of us today!!
love ya

marina simmons said...

Hi! I noticed your comment on Fab Ks blog and was curious if you were still interested in a blog makeover... I just did one for a friend of mine and was looking to do a couple of more just for fun. Anyways- take a look at my page, and there is a link to hers and just let me know! :)

tiger lamb girl said...

Doesn't it feel great to clear out your closet?! I need to do the same soon:)!!