Friday, January 09, 2009

I had to laugh at the tag thing I posted yesterday. Don't I sound so exciting? Funny thing is, that is about as motivated as I get these days. I thought it would be amusing if I told you the things I thought about doing. I really did think about them. But, thought about them only briefly. Briefly is all I think anymore. I blame it on medication. Crazy doctors.

Things I Thought About Doing Yesterday

1. Cleaning the house
2. Spending an hour in deep physical exercise and meditation
3. Running 3 miles
4. Reading the Old Testament
5. Cleaning out all the kitchen cabinets ( I actually bought some organizational stackers for this. Wonder how long they'll sit on the cabinet?)
6. Washing and folding every piece of dirty laundry and placing them in the newly cleaned out drawers I was going to do
7. Deep shampooing the carpet
8. Setting up a new year's household budget
9. Cleaning out the closets and packing bags for Goodwill
10. Painting the master bedroom
11. Refinishing some old pieces of furniture
12. Spending some time in solitude ( What is that? )
13. Baking
14. Landscaping the yard
15. Cleaning out and labeling things in the garage storage area

I am tired just thinking about it. Thank goodness it's free to think.

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mindy said...

Needed a good laugh today...thanks! This is great stuff! Hugs!