Thursday, January 08, 2009

My baby sister said TAG I'M IT and SO did my FRIEND Mindy so...I GUESS I'M IT

Here goes:

4 Things I did yesterday

Worked on a friend's shower invitations
Fixed lunch for Mom and Dad
Went to the library for BOOKWORMS
Went to church

4 Things on my wishlist for the year

To be able to carpet my house ( not looking too good )
For Gordon and I to be able to go on a cruise for our 38th anniversary
To be able to love the fur off all my grandkids more...especially my new one
that should be here in July
To take more control of my health and well-being

4 Favorite Restaurants

Nancy's Steak house ( local )
LaCabana ( local )
Red Lobster
Olive Garden

4 Favorite TV shows

HGTV all day during the day is on...I may not be watching but I'm listening
Grey's Anatomy
All the CSI's

4 Friends to tag

The first four to read this. Awwwww c'mon.

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