Sunday, February 08, 2009

I started to say, "Just a short post....." but I realize that I am probably not capable of just being short with words.

So, thanks to all of you for the following:

1. Wearing RED on Friday. It turned out great here too and I was able to raise a good total for the AHA. The shirts turned out super cute and I don't even know if I got one picture. The city of 'ville proclaimed it GO RED DAY... thanks to my classmate the MAYOR!

2. Wishing me a HAPPY birthday. I have never gotton so many emails. My cup runneth over.

3. Praying for my parents. They are both feeling better and were in church this morning. My sister, Jody, has been here for the weekend and she always perks them up ( and me too! ) . Then baby sis, Kathy is coming later in the week and they will be doing handstands by then. Seriously! My sisters are the light of my life. It seems we never get to really visit. It used to be because we were chasing kids and now when they come we are so busy. I treasure our visits together so much. They love me so unconditionally. Jody made me a wonderful birthday dinner and RED velvet cake today. And, I didn't have to do the dishes! Thanks Ashley and Jody.

4. My children called me all day on my birthday and through the weekend to check on me and the g'parents so that was a great thing to get to hear all their voices. Even though we all talk everyday anyway! I am so so so so blessed by "babies"....grown and not.

5. Thanks to my sweet Tawana and Becky for making sure I had a happy birthday and taking me OUT and making me relax.

6. To Duronda and our precious minister, Chris for stepping in and making sure we had everything we needed and to making my Daddy listen to reason about going to the dr.

I have gotton so many phone calls, emails, cards, and visits from everyone who for some reason are worried about me. Don't. I am fine. It's a privelege to be able to be the head nurse for my parents.


Kelley said...

Your sweet serving spirit inspires us all. What a treasure you are to soo many!

But just so you know and you don't "get the big head" about being so perfect and word verification letters to comment post this moment spell barfp.

Giggi said...

You are the best head nurse/sister around. I don't think I could handle the pressure of being head! Looking forward to seeing you next week! Love ya!