Thursday, February 19, 2009

The last several years that I have been blogging have flown by. I started as a way to stay in contact with my children, nieces/nephews, sisters, cousins, etc. Just sort of a newsletter. None of my friends blogged and I surely wasn't out to win any awards. I just truly liked to keep in touch with everyone so easily. Along the way, I started reading other blogs. Don't ask me how I ended up finding some of the ones I did. I really don't have a clue. All of a sudden there was a little group of us that read each other's news everyday and left encouraging or humorous comments. Friendships were made without ever a handshake or hug. Dear friendships. Ironically, or God driven as I like to think, we all were similiar in age ( no offense to you younger ones ), we all had similiar upbringings, we all were socially in the same type of life situations, but most importantly and amazing is that we all shared the exact same faith. We all "hailed" from the same type of pews, so to speak. Each and everyone of them has been a daily encouragement to me for years now. We pray for each other and share lots of things on here and by emails. We've all had trials and we've all had happy things happen to us during our past years as friends.

Right now, one of "us" is going through a health scare. Kelley is waiting on some lab work to confirm some type of diagnosis for her recent sicknesses. We are all praying that is going to be a simple fix. That she'll be as good as new and back to serving God in her bubbly way. Also, heavy on my heart is a young guy named Brad. He is not one of this group that I speak of but I have been following his story for a year now. He is also a servant of God and has a beautiful wife and 2 little children. A year ago he was diagnosed with a serious and rare cancer. Since that diagnosis he has been literally, along with his wife and family, fighting for his life. He is in daily pain and distress. His biological family has moved in to help and his church family takes care of all their needs so they can all be together. They are in constant prayer and vigil. Especially now. He is in a really big fight right now. His days and nights are long as he struggles to breathe and sleep. Fear is closing in on him and they are all weary and tired. So, tonight as you count your friends....count the ones you know and see everyday but don't forget the ones that you don't know and may never meet this side of Heaven. Please remember Kelley and Brad in some intense prayers tonight.

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Kelley said...

You've taken my breath away with your preciousness sweet Lynn. Words can't express how much you are loved here in blog church. Thank you is simply not enough.