Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Project Partly Done

It would be totally out of character if I actually finished a project. Like, totally finished it. But, as of around 1 AM last night I completed the 5th season of the GILMORE GIRLS. HOURS AND HOURS . Now, it is on to BLOCKBUSTER today to get Season 6 and the final Season 7. Lest you think I am a total slacker and just vegetate in a chair while watching TV you are WRONG. I am busy in my chair! Remember I told before you I am a multi - tasker?

Multi-tasking takes planning. You know how I like to plan. Multi-taskers continually are processing tasks or problems either mentally or by actually doing it as they are doing any other task. I have a basket by my chair that is full of projects that I can pull out and work on. While watching the GG, I have organized my calendar. I have planned dinners and doctor appointments. I have folded laundry. I polished the furniture. I have finalized household plans, projects and selected paint swatches ( for another project) while sitting in that chair. I have cleaned out kitchen drawers. I have organized photo albums. It does take talent. Don't think it doesn't! Multi-taskers love post it notes, colored pens, and paper. Always keep a trash bag handy.

Here are some very important things to know about multi-taskers. First of all we can be doing 50 other things while we are in a conversation with you. We can hear every word you say. Don't think we are rude.

They have to learn to budget their time. List, list, list. List each day's activities and time alloted for each. Visualizing your day helps keeps you focused if you have focusing problems. Do what you want to do and then learn to delegate! I am still having trouble with this one.

  • Take advantage of gadgets. I LOVE GADGETS! Research the latest communication devices, organization techniques, and keep a basket of scissors, glue, marker, notepad, and other quickly needed items by your chair, if you ever sit down to avoid wasting time.

  • Use wait time. I keep a notebook in my purse with a daily calendar, phone number, stamps, addresses etc...... If I am at a light, in a dr. waiting room, or where ever I am trapped, I can still plan. I can write out bills, make phone calls that are needed, schedule appointments, or any other thing that makes me feel constructive. Or use the time to pray for help in coordinating your busy life to please God. Keep the big picture of the daily plan in mind to help you priortize your goals.

Successful multi-tasking can lead to balance, helping you juggle career, family needs and your own mental and physical health. Multi-taskers should not neglect themselves.....a healthy diet, exercise and sound sleep can recharge you and make you more productive. You either are or you are not one.

I just wish all my teachers throughout my school years had realized this special gift I had and not thought it was just me not paying attention. HMMMM. That could explain alot.


Stevens girl said...

I'm a total multi-tasker also. I think you have to be in order to have kids and accomplish something other than watching them 24-7.

I too love the Gilmore girls. I should rent and watch those, it never crossed my mind to go out and actually rent them.

Heather said...

what does the yellow light mean?????????

Love you

Holly said...

I love multi-tasking! We women can just handle it better I think.

I'm about to plunge in to Season 5 of GG. I have to find out what happens. Have you heard about Netflix? We use that now instead of Blockbuster rentals. Movies/TV shows right to your mailbox with NO late fees. Check out if you want.

mindy tyndall said...

Okay - I have been trying to post a comment about this for 2 days! This post makes me tired - how do you do it?! I guess, in a funny sort of way, I am multi-tasking, working 3 jobs, right? Anyway - please come to Ft. Worth - and I think I might find the time to watch GG - I've heard it is great!

mindy tyndall said...

But don't come this weekend - I am doing a wedding! I have so much spare time, you know!
More hugs!