Monday, October 08, 2007

Let's Party....Fiesta......Forever...

Everyone knows I love a party. I love to go and I love to plan them. In a small town, where believe me everyone knows everyone, a party is a big deal. One of my older "other" daughters, Tara is getting married next month. Her mom, Tawana and I have been friends since Noah came over. On the ark. A long time. Tawana, Becky and I raised our kids together. All 9 of them. The picture above is minus 2 daughters and 3 sons. I was there when Tara was born. We all three have helped each other plan birthday parties, graduation parties, and weddings together. We make a pretty good team! We always dreamed of opening up a Party Consulting Company. Tawana could boss people around and organize. Becky is the chef. I am the photographer. Tara's been a bridesmaid so many times and now she gets to be the bride. I don't say that like FINALLY she gets to be the bride, but finally her turn is here. She is absolutely radiant and going to be beautiful on her wedding day. She is a beautiful "take your breath away" "drop dead gorgeous" anyway just in jeans! All along while all the other girls were getting married she held out . Her "prince" seemed no where to be found. Okay, she went through a few duds..... She finally decided she wasn't going to rush into anything and set her standards high. All along, it turns out, her prince grew up with her right next door. Or across the road and past the pond. Who would have ever thought it! We are so excited for her and her sweet man. They both are successful business people and have established themselves as respected adults. He comes from an awesome and beautiful family. He was raised to be a leader, strong, and very well grounded. His parents are great friends of ours all too! Of course, her family is "my" family so of course it's great! Small world. Small town.

All the major details for her wedding are pretty ironed out and set in stone. Tawana, as you know, is a decorator extraordinaire and this is going to be a wedding like this town has not seen. With both "kids" growing up here the whole town is invited almost. The weekend parties have already started and this weekend will be her "town" shower. There have been lingerie showers ( see photo above) , kitchen showers, couples showers, Halloween will bring a costume party shower and on and on. And then this weekend's big shower. Now, in small town talk that means that it is going to be alot of people. We'll start decorating on Thursday and setting things in place for the Sunday afternoon shower. I am so excited for her. Pictures to follow after the shower. It's going to be exquisite! I love her dearly and wish only the best for her as she starts out this wonderful life and marriage. I am hoping that Tawana soon has as many grandchildren as I do!


Ashley said...

Party on, Wayne, Party on! That was a fun party.

We love you, Tara! I hope I fit into my bridesmaid dress next month but McDonalds is having Monopoly again...and I love Monopoly. ha ha ha! Just kidding.

Giggi said...

Congratulations Tara! She will be such a gorgeous bride. Can't wait to see more pics. So glad for our extended extended family, but, wow Wanni gets to be the boss? Does she not know about the head sister? I feel really low in the pecking order. Even so, I love you all so much!