Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I don't feel wordless today. Actually, I rarely do. So, for today, just for today ...... WORDLESS WEDNESDAY IS WORDY WEDNESDAY. My sweet friend, Snapshot made me feel better that she missed me so I am turning myself in! No more excuses! It feels good to be missed because truthfully sometimes it feels like I have nothing worth saying!

But, I've been basking in the fall of Texas. Which is basically a breeze out of the north that is sometimes cool and sometimes hot. The leaves don't turn beautiful colors they just fall from the trees in the swimming pool and all over the yard. I like the xeriscape look in the yard so they stay there until we mow again.

This is what I want to see. Just once in my life ( again ). I didn't appreciate the beauty until I was older. Like now. Don't get me wrong. I love Texas. I am a TEXAN by birth and deep rooted in all the ways, sayings, recipes, and wonders of Texas.

I really had been thinking about blogging. I have some topics stored in my mind but all of a sudden it started to feel like I was procrastinating on a homework assignment and I started to feel pressure. Blogging shouldn't be about pressure. I am still reading, web surfing and commenting but I just have not had alot to say that you would have been interested in. I've been busy and done alot but mostly I'm pretty boring............Here are the highlights of my last week.

All the baking and decorating went great for the shower on Sunday. The triple layered humming bird cakes were scrumptious if I do say so myself! Plus, they did NOT fall apart like they did in my dreams the night before. Heather pitched in and helped me bake them too! Her baking skills are all "Rachely Rey". And, we'll forgive Ashley for leaving the flour out of the recipe at first! That would have been so funny to have unrolled those pumpkin roll recipe. Becky's pumpkin rolls were beautiful and tasted even better. Our beautiful bride was truly showered. She received so many nice presents and it was a full house of friends and family. My daughters were all here to help. Even JD got to come even though she had some other obligations like a job! I loved having her here to complete my daughters! There were 22 hostesses in all! It's taken us a few days to recuperate! From the work and the excitement. I am still returning stuff today. Now, if we can just make it to the wedding next month.

Every Thursday nights I host girl TV night. It's a night of 3 back to back shows we love. We just basically veg on the couch watching TV and giggling. It's so casual that sometimes we are even in our jammie bottoms! Hubster is sweet enough to make himself scarce unless the treats are delicious! We always share with him whatever food we have. Bec made us our favorite snacks last week.

Then, today was my little library program. You know the one I volunteered for the week after I "retired"? It is going great and I am so glad that Teej agreed to do it with me. We are doing alot of work in preparation but we are pretty natural when it comes to this type of activity. It probably stems from all those years in education and being a Bible class teacher since I was 12. We always enjoy a lunch out after and enjoy the heck out of that! The number of children grows every week. Today, I had over 40 c0unting parents and all. I heard the murmer of someone say it was going to have to go to two sessions. I DON'T THINK SO. We actually built a scarecrow for the library flower bed after reading a book about SCARECROWS. He turned out so cute! Then all the children made a small one to take home.

As we say around here when someone feels bad......Mom had a little "spell" and I took her into the ER. All is well. She got the royal treatment, some meds and when we got home a couple of hours later, Daddy had made a WELCOME HOME sign for the door. He prefers to stay away from anything that might prove to be a little too exciting.

But, the best part of my week was this. All my chickies were in the nest. And I got lots of hugs and kisses. My big ones were here too but never stayed still long enough for a picture. I hate that all of them were here and not once did we line 'em up! But, this? It doesn't get any better than that. No matter what you say.

In your prayers tonight or whenever your prayer time is, please remember a friend of mine whose mother is not expected to live through the night. It's time for her to go. They are all at peace with that. But, tonight she told me wished that she could see her mother smile one more time. I could've sworn I heard the rush of angel's wings coming to take her mother "home". Don't you love that song? Also, another friend's beautiful teenaged daughter has been in a traumatic incident that is causing all kinds of problems. She came home today after many weeks in a hospital. They are distraught. I have a list of others as I'm sure you do too. I know some of you have pains, problems and worries. Things that seem to accumulate and pile up, sometimes making life seeming so hopeless. Sometimes it's hard to breathe, isn't it? But, I do appreciate my praying friends and I know prayer works.


Heather said...

Glad your back to blogging. I was sick of quityerbellyachin. HA! We all had so much fun last weekend. You forgot to say that I did help with the cakes. Gee, thanks mom! HA

Love you.

DJG said...

just when I was thinking of taking up wordless Wednesday.

I will keep you and your friends in my prayers.

Amy said...

That girls night sounds like fun - especially jammy-bottomed!

Glad you decided to be wordy. I always enjoy your words. :) said...

I wish I could come to girl's night TV! Thursday is my favorite tv night, so many good ones on, I end up tivoing a bunch of stuff and watching tv till midnight! (but I am such a tv junkie)

IsabellaCloset said...

Lynn, Oh my gosh what beautiful babies! I love this photo.. I just want to kiss their sweet cubby cheeks LOL.. Hope you don't mind me saying that. Yes there is nothing like Grandchildren.
Your Mothers friend is in my prayers.
Your girls TV night sound like such great fun.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
~Mary~ :-}