Saturday, October 27, 2007


HELP! It's just now fall. I love pumpkins. I love leaves. I love all the orange colors everywhere. But, Christmas catalogs are arriving in the mail daily and tantalizing me with scenes of merriment and elves. With wondering if I need a new Christmas tree and why didn't I go to Hobby Lobby's end of year sale last year? With what kind of paper should I wrap gifts in? With lists and lists and lists. With wondering how I am going to make some quick cash for Christmas money. I'm retired now you know. And now, I have 4 grandchildren unlike last year's 2. Those four are my GIFT. But then, I have to find the perfect gift for everyone. I love the insanity of this season. I am "sick" like that. I'm dreaming of all my children home to relax for a few days then. I'm loving all the generations that will be in this house and adoring each other. But, I have to make pumpkin cupcakes for the library on Wednesday and I haven't even bought a Thanksgiving turkey yet.


jody said...

CALM DOWN!! You're scaring me! Let's just get through Halloween, okay? Of course, I did just buy Christmas books at Target for all the maybe we have a genetic flaw. Love you sissie...jojo

mindy said...

I'm with Jody...breathe. I love the holidays, too, and can hardly wait to get decorating. But, I DO love Thanksgiving! And you better get a couple of turkeys - heard there will be LOTS of kinfolk down your way soon!!!

Giggi said...

One day at a time dear sissie. It's time to eat Halloween chocolate! But I do have to admit I've been trying to figure out where to put the Xmas tree this year. I'm kinda ready to rearrange the living room for it!