Thursday, September 11, 2008

It may be rather hard to tell by the picture but the most handsome soldier is my Daddy. He is the first one facing the front on the far left. I am not sure where this was but it was during WWII. Now, as we reflect on another 9/11 day let us all remember this new generation of soldiers everywhere today that are fighting again for the freedom of our country. For all the people on that scary day that lost their lives so tragically, and for their family members and friends, may they all be granted peace and healing. Pray that America finds peace and that soon everyone is home and this war is only on the pages of history books. Pray that the powers of satan retreat realizing that as Americans IN GOD WE DO TRUST. Pray that we have a new President that respects the Lord as our creator and honors the people he serves. Pray that all the leaders of this country strive to work out the issues and problems of these times with honesty and integrity. Most importantly........pray that God blesses America once again.


Snapshot said...

Yes, we need to pray. God bless America.

SweetAnnee said...

God Bless America and Bless Us Good..tis a sad day in our history..and I WISH we could stay the kind loving country we were right after 9/11..We ARE our brothers and sisters keeper..
love ya girl.
and your bloggy looks awesome..