Friday, September 19, 2008

We finally got our precious little refugee family back to the Houston area. Things are fine there. Some trees down and part of a fence but the house is fine. And Tucker was here too and he is feeling 100% better. He still has a couple more vet visits to get dismissed and get his last shot but trust me. He had plenty of energy and spunk back while he was here. And we were very glad. I had the cutest little "sidekick" to ride with me so I wouldn't be lonesome on the way home. Aunt YaYa, Reid and Macy were ready to get home with their Daddy and their life back to normal! Which is busy. So, we met Uncle T, Aunt Ash and Uncle B, and Avery and I had all 4 of my babies together for at least an hour! But, Jaxon is here for the weekend. YIPEEEEEEEEEE. Her mommy went to a wedding and her daddy is way deep in EAGLE football. So, I was so excited for her to have her very own first OFFICIAL Camp Neena. We are having loads of fun although we miss all of the cousins who played with her and loved on her. Now it's just down to us! We have been singing lots of songs, reading lots of books, making lots of animal noises, watching lots of Dora and Backyardigans, and just chilling. She is a snuggler and I love it. She like to sing too so we just curl up! Honestly, could she be any more precious and beautiful. I AM SO BLESSED.


Dantem said...

you have a very nice blog.
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Snapshot said...

How precious is that picture. I know exactly what you mean by a snuggler. Little Will is one too! So glad your little chicks are home and things are going better than it could have been. We've been praying.
Talk soon!!!!

DJG said...

Totally precious.

WE have been praying for all in Texas hit so hard by the storm.