Thursday, July 19, 2007

Baby Steps with Bob

I love the movie, "What About Bob?"! It is unnerving but it is extremely funny. Bob is out of control and needs extreme nurturing from his therapist. The part of the movie that I relate to is that the therapist tries to ingrain in him that he can't overcome his problems all at once that he has to realize that he has to take "baby steps" ...... just a few at a time so that he does not get so overwhelmed. I snapped up that free advice! I have looked around today and thought, "How am I going to get all this unpacked and then repacked for the beach on Sunday?" Then I remembered Bob. So all day I have tried to take baby steps and unpack a few bags at a time, wash a load, then unpack and organize. Without getting overwhelmed too, I might add! I have just taken my time and realized that it will all get done. Thanks Bob!..

And by the it just me or am I on a movie relating pattern in my last few blogs? I think I am. I wonder what that means?


Lacie said...

Ya'll are going to have soo much fun st the beach! Family vacations are always an adventure! OH... Don't worry too much about what to pack- just make sure your swimming suit is ready. That will be all you wear ya know!

Have fun!

Will you come "fix" my eyebrows- Ha!

Lacie said...

Oh- I totally agree with the comment on Holly's blog!!

Start running girls!


Snapshot said...

Good advice from Bob. I need to use it more often.

I think this means you are seriously movie sick. hehehehehe

My word verification to leave this comment is "nexiem". Does that mean I have undiagnosed heart burn?

Heather said...

I hate What About Bob! It makes me a nervous wreck. Do not bring that movie to the beach! HA HA I will not watch it. :)

Love you.

mindy tyndall said...

Jack and Sam are on their way to Smithville - enjoy!


Jenna said...

I love that movie... It's hilarious. And I hope you have so much fun at the beach!!

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

This movie is full of good themes! I love it too.

Yes, it will all get done. Relax...