Monday, July 16, 2007

Neena Poppins

I think my work here is done. I am not sure I really was ever needed but I have sure enjoyed it. I have been blessed to have watched this precious little family bond together. These parents are all into this parenthood gig. I will leave here knowing that Tiny Princess is in good hands. I never doubted that for a minute anyway. We have had so much fun but it's time for me to go.

Why am I not so sad? Because, they are going home with me. Tiny Princess birth just happened to coincide with our family vacation so for the next 1 week and 1/2 I will be with all my little "puddies" and I'll literally be on cloud 9.

I have found that the most amazing thing about parenthood is stepping back and watching your children become parents. It's knowing that in spite of the things I did or didn't do right....that the things I said in anger or the things we said in love are all important in their own ways. That even parents need to apologize when they make mistakes with their children. I learned that. Believe me, I made plenty of mistakes. I wanted them to know that I was human too and the only way I knew how to parent was trial and error. Lots of error but lots of prayers and guidance from the Heavenly Father. And you know what ? I remember so many nights kneeling at their beds while they slept hoping they wouldn't ever remember that I got angry with them over something trivial. But, they survived me and I survived them and we are all better people , parents and a Neena because of it. I taught my children plenty of things by example that were probably not right but I did teach my children about the Lord. I surrounded them with Godly people and a church family to nurture them. It is important, very important, the kind of people you choose to surround your children with. Influences are important as soon as the tiny ones take their first breaths. My children had grandparents, maternal and paternal, that were an integral part of their Christian upbringing. But, I planted that seed as deep as I could plant it. I was lucky or rather blessed to have my parents close by to guide me and help me in my adventures of becoming a parent. I firmly believe that a parent's greatest responsibility is to prepare their children for eternity. To return them to the Father who gave them to me.

"Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here a second, I would die for you. This is the miracle of life."—Maureen Hawkins

Someday all this traveling to see each other will be over and my utmost prayer is that we all live on the same cul de sac in Heaven. I don't even need or want a mansion. I just want to know that I brought my children home.


That Girl said...

I have no regrets about having children but if I had any, I would hope I could feel the way you feel.

Lisa said...

Enjoy the time with all your family!

DJG said...

It really is something you can't explain. The love is so amazing and so consuming that it defies explanation....but I feel you sister!

mindy tyndall said...

Just this evening, I came back home after 9 days with Jack and baby Sam. Sam and I had lots of good chats, since he had to be awakened every 2-1/2 hours to be fed. This is not conducive to sleep. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything! I, too, feel that my children were so blessed by having Godly grandparents, who were always willing to help us out in their upbringing. I, too, have made some mistakes...ones that come back to me at the most emotional times...but, I know that God has been and will continue to be the guide on this journey. And, I am so thankful for the "forgiveness" word! I don't think I could love my children more...and I don't think that the love we have for our grandchildren is explainable. But, I do agree with you...when I leave this world, my greatest joy, next to seeing the Father, will be seeing my children and their children making the trip. Maybe, we could live in the same cul-de-sac! Lord, come quickly...