Saturday, July 28, 2007

Camp Day 1 was......

a rain out and a "bust". Unfortunately, the camp director was still feeling the effects of being away from home for a month on the fun and wonderful Nanny 999 duty and the relaxing beach trip and there was not much excitement. For example:

1. Rain. Central Tx is not experiencing drought conditions. It kept us inside. Thank goodness for ESPN. We checked the computer every 3 - 5 minutes for the newest stats on anybody that ever held a bat. I had forgotton how much information a 10 year old brain can hold. Mine doesn't hold near that anymore. He is amazingly accurate with every trivia bit.

2. We found a baseball ball. Finally located a ball that had lived through the Mitch era. Don't expect crayolas and Barbie color books are enough for this camper. He didn't even want a pedicure last night! Go figure.

3. Too wet to shoot hoops or drive the lawn mower.

4. This is important. Don't EVER try to fool the camper with Prego sauce instead of "Neena's" famous spaghetti sauce. One bite told it all.

5. Don't assume because Turner and Hooch was funny 15 years ago that is funny to a 10 year old today. Waste of Movie on Demand. Camp Director watched it alone and it was NOT funny. Tom Hanks has improved alot.

6. Always have enough frozen OREOS and Bluebell on hand. Hey, I've been gone a month! Cut me some slack. He never complains though, he just goes on to something else.

So TODAY some changes are being made for the success of this camp.

1. First and foremost we are headed to the UT campus. ( Sorry, Lacie. ) We are going to roam around the land of the orange and white and catch our niece Whitster play some basketball at UT camp.

2. We are stocking up on sporting good supplies.

3. We are on a junk run to the grocery store.

Hopefully, these three things will get us through the weekend with a happy camper. Who happens to be a very experienced camper at Camp Neena and really doesn't care about all those things. He is content to "waller" on his down comforter "nest playing Playstation or whatever. Every hour or so he requires a hug and a kiss but NO problem there! I did find out, rather by accident, that he does expect this session to be chronicled, journaled and photographed like Session I. So, photos are promised on a daily basis. Plus, we have already made our own door sign especially for this exclusive camp session. He's my special boy for sure! Don't worry Avery and Jaxon. Neena should have this down by the time you register.

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Heather said...

it sounds like fun to me! when can I come by myself??

Love you!