Sunday, July 29, 2007

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Camp Neena was reevaluated yesterday and the results were outstanding. A day trip to the UT campus was thouroughly enjoyed by the Director and her camper. All the years I have lived this close and I have never even walked every single sidewalk on the campus! Yes, we logged a few BEVO miles but it was fun. At least until we got lost at 10:30 PM trying to find the parking garage! Then I used that moment as a teachable one about being aware of your surroundings, not talking to STRANGERS, holding your head up like you are very focused and brave, and being ready at all times to run like the wind if someone starts after us. It was a good lesson. We did find the garage though we just had to go about 3 miles out of our way across the 50 yd line ( just kidding about the yd line but we were on the sidewalk of the Darryl K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium and then we headed back up on the main road.......I am, as my family knows, very directionally challenged. We saw so many neat sculptures, waterfountains, old buildings but we never did see Vince Young down visiting although we watched for him.

We were lucky enough to catch the last tour going up on the UT tower. Camper really liked that. We got to see all over the world it seemed when we got up there. There is a wire cage that surrounds the roof ever since the Whitman massacre in 1966 and then at least 9 known suicides since that time. Plus, security is tight there now. Just like there is everywhere. There were campus police officers at several levels and I had to show a picture ID before we went up the elevator. You know how I have that "terrorist" look in my eyes. We saw the BIG orange lights that illuminate the tower for all UT WINS and there are lots of those. We were right beneath the clock where you see the wire surround. They said the clock is 14' wide. Could that be possible?

We loved the huge fountain. We thought the splatters looked like soap bubbles and the waterfall effect fell over a huge rock ledge. We climbed up alot of stairs! We could see the Texas State Capitol perfectly. Too bad it was closed or we might have walked over there. Wait...I think we did when we were lost! Not really.

Then of course one of the real reasons we took this day trip, besides our love of the ORANGE and WHITE , was to watch our sweet Whitster play basketball at Gregory Gym on the campus. It was team camp so she was there with her entire high school team. They played 5 games on Saturday but we only watched the last 2. We loved it and we were proud of our hustler on the court. There were 4 courts of games going on at the same time. I heard whistles for the next 5 hours.
WE LOVE YOU WHITSTER! Thanks for sitting with us....and letting us cheer for you.


Heather said...

Oh, it sounds like you are having so much fun! The pics are so cute! I miss my little man! And I need to talk to the camp administrator about yall staying out past curfew! 10:30 in Austin, Texas....tell Paps to call me! HA HA

Love you.

Anonymous said...

You definitely made memories for Reid. He will never forget his day walking the UT campus. I know that Whit was glad to see you, too.What a fun day. Love Nana

mindy tyndall said...

What fun! I want you to know that if I was ever "lost" on the UT campus, I'd definitely want to be with you! You and Reid have fun!

Giggi said...

What a fun day! I think your next career could be tour guide! Whit loved having ya'll come cheer. Wish I could've been there, too! Looks like camp Neena is as fun as ever! Love ya!

paul said...

I used to drive to Austin every week to take classes when I was working on my masters. I loved walking across the UT campus. I wish I had had you as a tour guide back then!

Lacie said...

Gig'em Aggies!

I guess all our work on Reid never worked! Bummer!

Kannon still says, "Reid likes the Boo Horns!"