Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tanner and Tireder!

We are home from a long planned trip to the Texas Gulf coast. We had anticipated this trip for a long time and it proved to be just wonderful. Nana and Poppi even drove down and spent a night with us. Nana got to get her feet in the sand and surf! And Poppi? Well, let's just say that the beach is not his favorite but as always he tries to please all his girls. We stayed at a fabulous place that didn't disappoint the kids with things to do. Or the parents. We spent lots of time in the sun and the weather was perfect. It rained early early early a couple of mornings and then the sun was out. With the exception of the DOWNPOUR on us girls and Baby Av at the pool one afternoon. It was great for Av and I because we were under an umbrella. The others stayed in the pool and just got "wetter" ! I love it to rain at the ocean. I stood on the balcony and watched the lightning out in the deep dark "nowhere" point on the horizon. There is something about the ocean that just ignites passion in my soul. It is a really spiritual place for me. We had great seafood last night. The only downside and disappoint was that our A town kids didn't get to make the trip. Tiny Princess was not to blame either! We think she would have had a wonderful time in the condo with Neena & Princess A but coaches started work already and Coach D didn't feel he could ask off on his first week of duty! We plan to make this a tradition. We all hated to leave.

This was the last in the long line of planned "things" I have since I retired in June. My feet have not hit the ground since that day. Rooster came home with us from the beach and the 2nd session of Camp Neena is now underway. He is a very laid back camper practically demanding ZERO attention. I forget he is in the house especially if the Astros are on. I love having him but don't look for nature photos or frog capture stories. We are going to plan some fun things. We might check in to a rafting trip if we can get a reservation. We might go into to Austin and check out some UT stuff. He is a BIG UT fan. From a long line of BIG UT fans. We plan to catch a movie or 2 or 3. All in all Camp Neena II should be a great week. Stay tuned. I may make him post his own version one day.


Giggi said...

Whit's headed for Austin in the morning. Holler at her if ya'll go. Know Reid is loving having your undivided attention. Have a fun week. Love ya, Sissie

mindy tyndall said...

What fun you had!!! And, just to let you know, Sam thinks you are the "coolest"! I told him before he left that he was to give you a big hug - I don't know if he did, but if you held him, maybe you felt it! Isn't he just amazing? All these new babies in yall's family - God is so good! And, I think that maybe next year, Giggi and Jack should come for this installment of Camp Neena - Jack and Reid definitely need to bond in this world full of princesses! (maybe I could sneak a ride???)
Hugs - M

Heather said...

Oh, I was so sad to leave the Island! We had so so so much fun. I can't wait to go back next year...oh, please can we, can we. :)

I sure miss my me tomorrow. Love you. And thanks for everything this week. It was a blast and fun memory.

paul said...

What fun! Enjoy the trip!

Lacie said...

HOW FUN!! I am glad the weather was nice for yall! I was praying for sun!

Now, how much exactly is reservationas for camp Neena?