Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dancing on the Streets of Heaven

One of my precious sisters, the one with the initials JWR, has always had a heart full of compassion, the patience of Job, the knowledge of Einstein, the spirit of God that is lived and breathed in her everyday life, and on and on could I go. Anyway, she has always been like the Piped Piper of ALL ...everyone wants to follow her. Young and old. She has taken it on herself to be the caretaker of an elderly aunt-in-law many years ago. She called her, dropped by to visit and just generally made sure that Aunt Helen knew she was loved and not lonley. I don't think Aunt Helen was the easiest person to love but Jody loved her dearly with all her eccentricies. (OK, I know that is probably not spelled right.) After years of being able to care for herself and her home, Aunt Helen had to go live in a retirement home. And Jody followed. She visited, did her wash and took her little surprises and gifts. Maybe a nice pair of PJ's, or a sweater or whatever. I had the extreme pleasures of accompanying her on one of her visits and witnessed first hand what it will be like when Jody cares for me. No, really, we had our chuckles over some of Aunt Helen's consistent and repetitive questions, like, "Now what day is this?' "Now who is bringing me communion?" Each time Jody would sweetly answer while I rolled in hysteria behind Aunt Helen's wheelchair. Until I saw what was under it...but that is another story. When we got in the car to go home that day we had a rather lengthy conversation on how fast life goes by and how at one time Aunt Helen had been a vibrant school reduced to wondering about the days and order of things. Routines, busy schedules, deadlines, work, fears, all takes on a whole new meaning when we realized that someday ( and sooner than not ) we will be at the mercy of someone to care for us. Well, this afternoon all of Aunt Helen's worries about the days and the routines of bedtime ended. Tonight she sleeps in the arms of Jesus. Never again will she worry about anything. I just know that she was lucky while she was here to have been blessed with my sister. Good Night Aunt Helen....and by the way, it is Wednesday, October the 12th.


Ashley said...

You do have a sweet sister. Poor Aunt Helen. Is it bad that the last sentence made me giggle? Well, I love ya and am off to bed.

jodyreese said...

Oh, please...that made me sound like a saint...poor Aunt Helen, I never saw her as much as I should have; although I really did love her. And it was so fun visiting her with you, because you make even rest homes fun. I'll be happy to live in the room next to you and we'll run (wheel?) up and down the halls....Love you!