Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday's Fog

TGIF....I know it is an old cliche but for today it couldn't be more appropriate. I am not sure what is happening but I feel like I am in the twilight zone. Nothing really to account for it but I just feel like I have wandered through a long week and I'm not really sure what happened? Can you relate? The weather is wonderful.....can't complain about that for sure. I plan to open up windows tomorrow and clean house. I have decided to "let the maid" go. I have enjoyed that luxury for 2 years now! She is fixing to have yet another child anyway so it will be a good time to say Adios Senora. If I can't keep up with just Paps and I here then I need to get more help than a maid. Like I said it has been a pure luxury. I mean really, I clean before she comes! She had it made. So who thinks I can step down from the throne?


Ashley said...

It's not like she did cleaned before she came. HA! love you1

Heather said...

What....No maid!!! Can you please send her to my house? I would NOT clean before she came so she would have her work cut out for her! HEE HEE

Talk to you later...Love you

Giggi said...

you're crazy! having a maid come every other week is way down the list of things to give up. i would give up if i didn't know they were coming. they're better than therapy. call her back quick!