Thursday, October 20, 2005


I just found out tonight that my grandson, Reid and "son" Troy are going to go to the World Series Tuesday! Heather said Reid is in bed staring at the ceiling in utter shock. Just a little earlier their neighbor came to the door with 2 extra tickets from his company and gave them to them. Now is that just the sweetest neighbor in the world? I can't even begin to tell you what a memory that will be for my 2 boys. I love people to be excited and happy and that made a 9 year old boy and a #@$* year old man pretty excited. They are the 2 best fans any team could ever hope for. It's always great to have something to look forward to, don't you think? I know Uncle Mitch and Aunt JD will be VERY jealous. In a good way though. I know I will be tuned in and not just to see Biggio in his baseball pants, but to see the 2 biggest smiles in the crowd! You gotta love it!


Ashley said...

I'm so excited for them as well. Here I was in all my broke glory trying to figure out how to get tickets for Reid. I love that neighbor for making my most favorite 9 year old in the world the happiest kid on the face of this earth.

jodyreese said...

Wow....what a great man to share tickets with them! I cannot even imagine the excitement...GO Astros! Jenna and Matt tried to get tickets on the lottery site, but I haven't heard if they were successful. So Reid will have to cheer for all of us.