Monday, October 03, 2005

Neena's Nest

I have spent the last 5 days in a house without air conditioning. How do I explain to you that it was cooler outside at 105 than it was in this house? Right Ashley? Of all weekends to come visit! For the last several days my make up has made it to the car before me. It just slid off my face and ran out the door. My hair all sprayed with hairspray was flat against my skull well before I got to work. I looked for excuses to get in the car and go anywhere because I could run the AC. I did alot of visiting other people so I didn't have to come home until the last. I loooked forward to work. We have air at school! Call me spoiled...I know it. Anyway, it is fixed today and at 7:33 PM I am feeling the first blast of normalcy in the air. I didn't grow up in a house with air conditioning but I can tell you that I will grow old in one. I remember days when you slept with windows open and hoped for a breeze. We tried that. Didn't work. I don't think there is such a thing as a breeze. Ah, the old days we just thought we were cool.....I remember water cooler type "AC's" that spit out little bursts of coolness. But, made a lot of noise. I remember old fans that everyone had on their dressers. Especially the one in my room that "sucked" up my parakeet and traumatized me.. I remember big old box fans. I remember being HOT. I don't like to be hot. I haven't felt like doing anything. I have almost felt physically ill. So now I have wash piled up and a house to clean before the maid comes tomorrow. I wouldn't want her to think I kept a dirty house.


Heather said...

too funny mom....I'm glad the air waited to go out after we left. ha ha

Now you know how Grandma Salas feels...hee hee

Love you..Heather

Ashley said...

Glad you got the air fixed. It was too hot the other night! I'm glad that I got to come and see y'all this weekend. I had fun! Hope to do it again soon.

Love you.