Friday, August 03, 2007

Don't Even Say It

I know. I have spoiled him rotten. He goes home tomorrow and we are both a little melancholy about it tonight. We haven't talked alot about it. The funny thing is that I know he is ready to go home and back to his normal life, his own little family ( even his sister I suspect). He has missed his mommy and all her sweet love and his daddy's undivided companionship too. He has missed talking "sports" stats with his dad and let me tell you that I have had an education in ESPN this week. I know alot more about MLB, NFL, homerun stats, upcoming teams and players to watch for. Yet on the other hand, he wants to stay at this abnormal life at Camp Neena. The same with me. Although I will miss him terribly, let me say that God did not mean for "old" people to have children. Now, lest daughter # 1 think I am tired, I AM NOT TIRED nor am I WORN OUT OR FEELING BAD, because I am not. I am totally rejuvenated and pepped. It's just that I am not used to this 24/7 stuff. I have been on "my own" for 7 years now. This nest is usually quiet. When I lose stuff it stays lost. There is no one here to find it. I am pretty amazed that I am, alone, capable of messing up every room in this house as thourough as I do but MERCY, I have not done one thing domestic in over a week now. Can you say, "ROOM SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE AT CAMP NEENA". All I have wanted to do in Session II is like when Princess M was here for Session I, absolutely do nothing but watch in awe of their energy, innocence and ponder how I could love these children so so so much! I hope that Camp Neena is a tradition that we will keep forever as long as God allows me! In a few years there will be 4 sessions of camp to look forward to with the addition of 2 new precious campers, Princess Possum and Tiny Princess.

I am not computer literate by any means. I grew up writing in a diary with a locked key. A diary that I suspect got picked a few times by some little sisters. HOWEVER, blogging has been like a diary to me. Only one without a key. Obviously, I pick and choose topics that are dear to me especially since my mom reads this as well as my children, sisters, nieces and best friends. And, dear God, who knows who else that I don't know. Have I mentioned before that my High School English teacher reads this? That is OK though because she is a precious friend and SIC ( Sister in Christ ). Let me mention the words BLOG LINKS. I do not know how to set that up or I would have alot more links for people to "visit". I frequently visit my daughter's friends blogs and smile as they experience all the wonders of raising children and smile because I do remember. I remember how I had a close bond of friends that we raised our children together in a world that wasn't so Godly in the 70's, 80's and 90's either. Sometimes it takes team work and a "village" of Christians, and I took advantage of all the support I could get so that I wouldn't make any mistakes raising kids. You often don't second chances on raising Heavenly children.

All that to say this. I got nominated by two of my sweet "other daughters", Lacie at Forever Flamingo for a ROCKING GIRL blogger award and Holly, at Marathon Bird for a THINKING award. I have known for quite some time that I rocked but I didn't realize I thought when I wrote. They both said a few too many nice things about me and I don't handle compliments very well. Technically speaking or thinking, I don't know how to post their links nor do I know how to post my awards on my blog. So, just trust me. But, I send out a great big GEE WHILLAKERS, WHAT IN THE NAME OF MIKE, HOLY GUACAMOLE to Lacie and Holly for thinking that my diary was worth reading. I don't even care that they picked the lock.


paul said...

You made it through week 2! You have wonderful kids and grandkids. That must be a source of pure joy for you.

Now,back to the projects...

Oh, congratulations on the award. I didn't know you (anyone) could think and blog at the same time. I thought they were mutually exclusive!

Heather said...

Oh, I know you will miss Rooster! And I know he has had a wonderful time. I wish I could come to camp Neena...I need a get-a-way, too! HA! Thanks for everything, Mom...I love you.

Congrats on being nominated for the Rockin' girl and Thinker Blog. I always knew you rocked and as far as the thinking blog...oh, yes, you can write. I remember many nights on the 'ole typewritter with you helping me write a many research paper! HA HA

When I come home I will help you put the link on the side of your need to advertise that honor!! HA

Snapshot said...

Camp Neena Week 2.....check!