Monday, August 27, 2007

Of Days Past or Passed

I think I have bonded with Willie Nelson. I totally relate to his hit song, "On the Road Again." And the hit from the hotel commercial, "I"ve Been to Luckenbach, Hackysack" or whatever those words are. But, I am home. Back in my safe little nest away from city traffic, speed limits, unfamilliar sights etc.....You know what I mean. I have traveled east and west. But, I am home.

There is no need for me to sugar coat this. I realize a truth is a truth. This is the world's most precious and beautiful 7 week old and I have spent the last week nestling with her. She loves her Neena. Believe me, the feeling is mutual.

This is AHS hottest new coach. I mean hot. He is the one smiling at his mother with the camera. Or is he smiling at the players? Well, anyway, is he cute or what? The dude next to him in the gold shorts is just glad he still has a job.

This precious couple are my aunt and uncle. I got to join them for their 50th wedding anniversary dinner. They are every bit as in love now as they were 50 years ago. By the way, as depressing as it is, I was at their wedding. I love them dearly. I got to see cousins who I adore and do not see nearly enough. Again, once again, these cousins that are so precious to me, promised me they would come to visit. We will see.

Sadly, while I was gone touring the state and it seems the world, Princess Possum came to my house to pick up her "hairy" brother, Tater Eugene, who had been staying at Camp Neena. I missed her overnight visit and getting lots of kisses and hugs from the world's most beautiful 4 month old. It's true. She is Miss Personality and Miss Big Eyes. She is Miss Congeniality and Miss Precious. You get the picture, right?

Summer is over for Lulu and Rooster. This was their last fling at Neena's a few weeks ago. The best of the handstands. Today their tearful mommy dropped them off at school both smiling and she attended the schools annual "BooHoo" breakfast. Except she was the one crying because both of her babies are now in school. Rooster is in the 5th grade and Lulu went to Kindergarten. Please pray for them to have a great year! Aunt A and Princess Possum are on their way to console Rooster and Lulu's mom. Maybe a trip to the mall will do it. You can hop over to their mom's blog later for pictures and school updates.

I did get to help my baby sister for one night with Baby Sam, her newest grandson. And his brother Jack who was "whirling" around us and missed the picture. Especially pray hard for this entire family. If you remember from 9 months back, Sam's mommy was very sick the entire pregnancy. She spent almost the entire time in the hospital. Sam was not actually due unti last week but came almost 2 months early weighing 3 lbs and 15 oz. Now, he is a whopping 7 pounder and doing exceptional but his mommy is still very sick. Both Giggi and Mimi are in overdrive with caring for this little family of 4 - 24 hours/7 days. Pray for Christine to be healed and home to be a healthy mommy to her precious sons. Pray for rest for Giggi and Mimi and Papa and PawPaw. Pray for Daddy Matt to be able to keep running back and forth safely and for his strength to keep up with a demanding schedule.

Now, if you'll excuse me it's time for my show. My precious and loving dil, Tiny Princess' mom, has me hooked on this series. It has long been her favorite and she knows every line and plot. I have been busy watching episode after episode with her last week. It was like a giant sorority party/slumber party with her and the Tiny Princess in the middle. I miss them terribly today. While there, I finished watching Season 1 out of seven seasons. Each season is like 6 cd's of hours and hours and hours. She sent me home with all the boxes of cd's. I should be through by summer of '09. And I was so proud that I had pledged to do a home Bible study when school started without me. Sorry Beth. I'll do it I promise!



Amy said...

Love the post and pictures! And, how could they start school without You?!

Alana said...

Loved your update!

Glad you are home...there's no place like it!

Holly said...

Glad you are home safe after so many Neena travels! I hope you enjoyed your first day of school in your own nest. :)

BTW, I love the Gilmore Girls too!! Sounds like a slumber party needs to be scheduled. Hee. Hee.

Heather said...

That was such a sweet post! I LOVE the handstand pics. That was SO my summer! HA HA ANd the one of Jaxon...I haven't received my 5x7 yet?? HA!

Thanks for being there for me yesterday and talking me through my boo-hoos. I don't know what I would have done without you and Ash keeping me busy!

Love you.

Snapshot said...

Gilmore Girls huh? Never watched it. But now I just might.

Lisa said...

Wow, you've been BUSY! Are you sure you're retired??

Ashley said...

You need to take a break! Veg on the couch for the next week watching Gilmore Girls!

I love the handstand pictures! The one of Jaxon in the cherry hat is too cute!!!

Love you.