Monday, August 06, 2007


Since I have been home now for more than 5 hours the phone is ringing. Friends who love me ( ? ) are just full of ideas about what I can do with all my spare time now that I am retired. They don't believe me when I say I have yet to see any of that spare time around. I am staying unbelivably busy so far. Here is a sampling of some of the things that I have been offered since June 8th. Some of them this morning as we speak!

1. Be the receptionist/scheduler at a new & happening spa in the area. They offered bartering services or pay whatever I would like.

2. Start up a business with a friend. We would be doing photography, which we both love. We would also have a sideline of clothing and jewelry.

3. Go back to my job at the hospital PRN. Which means I think I work when they need someone. Like a substitute. This one may really be a choice for me LATER LATER LATER.

4. The city library called and offered me a wonderful "VOLUNTEER" job. This one, I am afraid I accepted. It was too perfect for me. Every Wednesday from 10 AM - 11 AM I am the official STORYLADY for the preschoolers that have library time. The group is usually around 20 or so. I am free to do whatever I want. They would like to incorporate some crafts and music into the hour as well as recognizing holidays and special occasions in my curricululm. Does that sound fun or what? I own my own personal children's book library. I am a sucker for a children's book. Plus, I will still have my contact with the kids/parents. It will get me out of the house right smack in the middle of week and I'll already be dressed for church that night. I've taught Sunday school since I was a teenager and I am the queen of "fly by your pants" because storytelling is one of my passions.

5. Answer the phone and schedule reservations at one of the B & B's in our beautiful little town for one day a week. This would give the poor innkeeper a day off. Of course, they said I could set my own day.

6. One of my favorite antique stores asked if I would be interested in working one day a week or so.

One of the things that I have never learned is to say NO. The words just won't come out of mouth easily. Sorry Dr. S. I am training on that, honestly. In fact, a very wise woman shared with me what she says when she needs to say no. I am going to have it tatooed on my head. The words were this:

"I'm sorry but that just won't work for me right now."
Great advice and I plan on using that so don't be offended if you ask me to head up the local auxilliary on World Peace! I am not going to do anything right now except the STORYLADY offer. I want to do that. I still feel like I am on summer vacation and not retired. Yet, I get this smug, little, almost hateful, satisfaction when I see the school supply list out and think about the fact that I typed that list that is displayed everywhere. My last official task after I vowed to stop thinking. All the little pencils/backpacks/tools of education are piled high at Walmart. People are already loading up their baskets like they have hit the lottery. I think when I hear the buses on the rural road by my house I am going to roll up in a ball of hysterical laughter. I am not answering my phones. I'm going to still be in my pj's and have the BIGGEST cup of coffee. I going to be sitting in my porch swing waving frantically in case anyone is looking.


Lacie said...

I take the kids to story time at the library every Wed.!!! They love it and the K-Man always give the Story Lady the biggest hug before we leave! You will love it and be great at it!

Each Wed is a different theme, Bugs...Fish...Farm Animals...the themes go on and on!

Oh--- but you will probably be the best dressed Story Lady! I have yet to take the kids to a library that the lady wasn't dressed can I say it nicely...ok, I can't think of a nice way to describe it(if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all!)...So just know you will be the best dressed Story Lady around!

Have Fun!... Could you also teach your oldest daughter how to say NO!

Holly said...

Hmmm...approximately what time do I need to leave here in order to be at storytime in the 'ville at 10:00?

I think you are wise to be choosy and say no politely when necessary. Storytime though is PERFECT for you! What lucky littles!

Ignore the school supply lists, relax in your pjs with at least 2 big mugs of coffee.

Heather said...

I think story lady fits you best! I think that will be perfect for you.....then you need to REST and have a wonderful retirement, with coffee in hand.

I think you need to come to my house when school starts and help me get the kids off to school. I am gonna be so sad to see my baby go to kinder. and Reid in 5th. I need your support. I already have a sad feeling right in the pit of my stomach! Oh, don't say no...ha ha! No doesn't count for family, right?? :)

Love you!

Hollie Reese said...

You have to be the story lady! Riley loves story time and craft time at the library! You can practice this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Can I come and listen? This is the perfect thing for you to do. And if I sound prejudiced, I am, but I think you will be great. All the kids love you already. Love you---

paul said...

No, no, no, no, NO...OK, do whatever you want!

Snapshot said...

I'm a firm believer in the power of NO. My advice would be to really be retired for at least a year and then you'll appreciate a fuller schedule a little later on.
During that time you could beef up your photography skills and have fun!

Giggi said...

So much for being bored! Don't get too busy to come to FW! Still waiting on that visit!

Dana said...

I retired in March of 1999. I was expected to do everything because "I didn't have a job." When the new boss begged me to come back 2 months later, I was glad to!!!

SEE LYNN, I'm commenting!!

Alana said...

Hi Lynn!

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

I appreciate your advice. I am going to work on that!

Enjoy being the story lady. That sounds like a lot of fun!!

Amy said...

I'm excited about the story lady thing! You'll be great at that, and my girls LOVED story time when they were preschoolers. Great memories! And I can still see the ladies' faces plain as day who read to the girls.