Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It Makes Me Happy

So many times pictures just make me happy. Memories preserved on a camera can be brought back and a flood of happy emotions rush your mind. This little series of pictures does that for me. Lulu loves the ocean. But, mostly she loves the ocean creatures. Just like the frogs, geckos, and snails we housed during Camp Neena, she found these "things" incredible. She spent over an hour catching them with this device that would suck them out of the sand.

After they were captured she spent time examining them and talking baby talk to them. I must admit, I did not touch them. They were actually quite hideous. I believe one of the native beach combers told us they were ghost shrimp that wash up during certain seasons and times. We were there at the right time because if she would have had her way we would have been there all night searching through the wet sand with the self made plunger.

Even when you are 5 you realize the cycle of life. The shrimp were soon sent to their fate in the sky of circling gulls who quickly realized that this little princess was their dinner ticket.


Anonymous said...

What a gal. Just give her a snail a doodle bug or whatever and she is a happy camper. We love her and hope she doesn't put one in her mom's bed sometime. Love to you and yours. Nana

mindy tyndall said...

Everyone needs a princess, and one that loves all God's creatures is a real blessing! I was so sad to not get to see you last weekend, but I was sick. Heard Sam and Jack loved hanging with Auntie Lynn! Jack told me on the phone he was going back to Nana's house!
We are prayerful for a successful day tomorrow for Christine and then maybe I can tag along for a visit to Smithville!

Kim said...

Hey Neena! It's another flamingo checking in on the nest! :) Love to read the stories about R and M from a grandma's prospective. You are one wonderful grandma for those 4 babies! M is too cute at the beach. I'm so glad that she got a good teacher and am anxious to talk to H and find out the details of the first day of Kindergaten. Hope you have a great day!
Love, Kim

Ashley said...

The new blog looks good. Makes me ready for pumpkins and cool weather.

Love you.

Snapshot said...

What fun. But I'm not into critters.I am a self proclaimed wuss.I admire people who are not!

Alana said...

Very cute...I love the pic of her throwing them up to the seagulls.

Heather said...

I love your post! :) That was such a fun time. I know she likes snails, frogs, etc. but never thought she'd pick up one of those nasty things! HA HA

Love you