Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Know Where My God Was

I didn't write the words below "Where Was God?" and I don't know who did but they are my sentiments exactly. Today, everywhere and on every TV channel, there was coverage on this horrific day 7 years ago. I remember sitting at my desk at work with the office TV on in shock. Unlike anything I had ever felt. It really seemed like it might be the end of time. Like what else was going to happen? Working at a school made me want to load the buses up and take all the children home to their parents. But, it wasn't long and their parents were coming for them, many of them in tears and horror. I wanted to call my own children to come home so I could just sit and look at them. I remember watching Peter Jennings just go on and on and on. He never missed a detail or report. He wouldn't leave his desk for days. But, I think on that day one of the most haunting pictures for me personally, was the people that were jumping out of the top of the tower to their own death knowing that death was imminent. In horror, not knowing what was even happening. Not really in the scheme of things. Today, Oprah had a moving show about the families of the ones who lost their lives. The wives, husbands, parents, sisters, friends and of course children. She told the story about a firefighter who had just left his station to go home after working nights. He was driving through the tunnel and heard the reports on the radio. Unable to turn around inside the tunnel, he pulled as far over as he could and got out. He grabbed all his firefighter gear and dressed right there and then ran miles and miles back to the scene so that he could help. He was lost amid the rubble and the fire. Dying in the line of duty that he could have easily missed. But, that is what this all about. She had many of the original firefighters who fought that day to save lives in her audience and had them all stand. Then, of course, the audience rose in a standing ovation along with Oprah. She challenged all the TV watchers at home, if you love America to stand along with them to show your pride. I was sitting in the comfort and safety of my home and thought I'd feel pretty silly standing up all alone in the house. But, I did. Cold chills ran up me like I have never experienced.

America. Land of the free. Home of the brave. God bless us all.
Pray daily for America.

Have you ever thought, "Where was God on 9/11 when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked?" Well, I know where my God was on the morning of September 11, 2001, and He was very busy!He was discouraging people from taking those four flights. Together they could accommodate more than 1,000 passengers, yet there were only 266 aboard. He was on those four flights giving the terrified passengers the ability to stay calm. Not one of the people who was called by a loved one on one of the hijacked planes mentioned that passengers were panicked, nor was there any screaming in the background. And on one of the flights, God gave strength to the passengers to overcome the hijackers.God was also busy creating obstacles to prevent people who worked in the WTC from getting to work on time. The work day had begun, more than 50,000 people worked in the two towers, yet only 20,000 were at their desks. On that beautiful morning, God created scores of unexpected traffic delays, subway delays, and commuter train delays. A PATH train packed with commuters was stopped at a signal just short of the WTC and was able to return to Jersey City. And far more meetings were scheduled elsewhere than was usual.God held up each of the two mighty towers for a half hour so that the people on the lower floors could get out. And when He finally let go, He caused the towers to fall inward rather than to topple over, which would have killed so many more people. The foundations of six surrounding buildings were demolished by the fall of the towers, but God held them up for many hours until all the occupants were safely evacuated.And when the WTC and Pentagon buildings went down, my God picked up almost 3,500 of His children and carried them to their home for all eternity. He also sat down and cried that 19 of His children could have so much hate in their hearts, that they did not choose him, but another god that doesn't exist, and now they are lost forever.He sent people trained in dealing with earthly disasters to save those that were injured. And he sent in thousands of others to help in any way they were needed. And He brought people together across the world in a way that moved thousands to tears and hundreds of thousands to prayer—and caused millions to turn to the one true living God.He still isn't finished. Every day He comforts those who lost loved ones. He is encouraging others to reach out to those who don't know Him or believe in Him. He is giving the leaders of our great nation the strength and conviction to do the right thing, to follow His will, not a popular poll.So if anyone ever asks, "Where was your God on 9/11?" you can say, "He was everywhere! And, in fact, he is everywhere today and every day." Without a doubt, this was the worst catastrophe most of us have ever seen. I can't imagine getting through such a difficult time without God at my side. Without God, life would be hopeless.

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