Thursday, September 06, 2007

Once Upon a Time

There is nothing better than a sea of attentive listeners with eyes focused on you. I got to do all the talking! My first storytime was so much fun. I was ready at the door to greet them as they came prancing in......don't you wish you could still get so excited about something like going to the library? Plus, they were spellbound through the story. I had a captive audience of about 15 four - year olds. We read the story Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. It is a wonderful story about a precious little mouse with a long and different name. The children make fun of her when she goes to school. It has alot of applications but we chose exploring the one about how special a name is. My friend, Tawana is my right hand and right brain and she chose the story for me. We sang some name songs and did a craft with each of our names. I think we ran over an hour but the moms didn't seem to mind that I had their kids! I think I am going to love BOOKWORMS. If you have any suggestions on great books, let me know. I am trying to categorize the book with a few songs and a craft that apply. I have tons of resources from 30 years at school and a plethora of knowledge from Tawana.

I am going to school tomorrow to have lunch with some of my little 2nd grade now 3rd grade buddies who called me to join them. I won't be on my "alma mater" campus so it will be easier to go! I still have NOT stepped foot on the place I called my home for 30 years. I am just not ready for that. It would seem way weird to see someone else sitting at my desk. It might get violent even though it was my choice. Don't get wrong, no regrets and I am loving this retirement stuff.

Possum and her mommy have been here this week and I am having fun spoiling them. Their daddy is missing them so they won't be here much longer because they miss him too. I'll see Tiny Princess in 2 weeks when I go meet them all three in the metroplex for a wedding. But, sometime between then I have got to see my favorite two campers who are being held captive by the public school system. I think I need to bring them home with me and homeschool them. They could be my own private bookworms. They had a great start to their school year though and I am SO proud of them. Lulu said Kindergarten was fun and she got to go back the next day. Rooster was decked out from head to toe looking all GQ athlete for his first day. Fifth grade is demanding socially you know. He still does NOT like girls and that is OK with me. I know the day will come when Neena is just on the back burner! I always remind him that no matter what I am his # 1 and he is all agreeable with that now but I am no fool. I am still waiting for their mommy to post first day school pictures. But she started back to her school job too so between ballet, baseball, basketball, marathon training, running MOM's taxi, church, cooking and cleaning etc.....I'll let her slip this time. I am really missing them all too. But, she better be ready for a suprise visit from Neena any minute. I can't stand it much longer waiting for them to come looks like a road trip is imminent. Who do I call about gas prices and maybe getting a senior discount?

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Amy said...

That is one of my favorite books to read to my girls. We also love Lily's Purple Plastic Purse and all of Kevin Henkes books.

Have fun on your lunch date!

Snapshot said...

I LOVE Kevin Henkes!!!!! The little Wendell character is my favorite.
But my favorite all time quote is in the Lily books.
"Wow, that's just about all she could say. Wow."

Holly said...

So glad storytime went well--that is just right up your alley!! I wish A. and I could sit in sometime.

BTW, I added a link on my sidebar about the Witch Switch Swap. It sounds fun, but the sign-up deadline is tomorrow.