Monday, September 17, 2007

I have been on a short little road trip to the see the oldest "babies". It was much needed. I saw one of Rooster's baseball games, ate at Gattiland, picked them up at school and just basically loved their "skin" off. They are so busy now and it is just much easier and I see them longer if I go there. Then last night at the last possible minute, I fought my way home. Literally. Lane closures, detours, traffic, exits, ramps, tollways, toll booths, crazed people and me. It is a true testimony to my love for these children and their parents that I drive in that town. I don't understand why so many people have to be going to the same place. Or was that just how it seemed? It is a major outing to go the grocery store. You don't just "run" to the store for butter. Running errands takes all day. Not just a couple of minutes. You have to leave for church more than 5 minutes before the opening prayer. 10 minutes if you have door greeter duty.

I know I have said it before but give me my little town with it's two traffic lights anyday! Seriously, we have 2 traffic lights. The second one is new....and we feel very high class about it. It was a necessity when the new high school complex was completed to ensure that all the teenage boys in their fancy 4 wheel drive pick ups could cross to get to the other side of town safely. And I am not kidding.


Giggi said...

You have gotten so brave to drive in H town! It's a true testimony of a grandmother's love! ha! You eventually get used to it!

The Dairy Wife said...

Your town sounds like my town, except we only have a 4-way stop sign! Seriously! Gotta love those small towns.

I too drive the big city ... it takes more guts and tons of experiece to drive those expressways ... ah, but somebodies got to do it .... ha~

Thanks for the comment ... it's getting knee deep in there now!


Snapshot said...

Small towns make the world go round!

Heather said...

I didn't want you to leave.. . please come back. We had so much fun with yall here. I miss you so much already. Thanks for was so nice this morning to have all the laundry done. You rock!

Love you.