Thursday, September 27, 2007


I've had a little cash stuffed in the back of my wallet now for longer than cash usually lasts in my wallet. I have been trying to decide what I want to do to get more active now that the HOTTEST time of the year is over. At least for this week. You know Texas weather. I bought me a cool new pair of NIKE shoes for supporting my poor feet. Right now, until I get the inflammation in my feet under control even walking long distances is out of the question. Of course, I am still sporting cute little summery shoes so it is my fault! I think my dreams of running the marathon with my super fit daughter are just that dreams. I envy runners. It does look so liberating and I love the idea of just plugging in that IPOD and taking off on a great run. But, my aching feet are NOT going to go for that.

I have considered having one of grandchildren push me in the jogging stroller but I think I would miss out on the benefit of the exercise, don't you? Plus, you know all about those child labor laws.

It's not just the plantar fasciatis foot issue for this type of exercise. It's the coordination issue. I have none. Coordination that is. So, this is out of the question. If you miss one clap or turn you could be trampled. It's very dangerous. Have you ever seen a class of these crazed JAZZERCISE girls? There is not enough room on the back row for all of the ones that want to hide.

I have heard really good things about YOGA. Healthwise and mental wise. But, I need to move it people. I need some action. You know that sedentary things are not good for my mind. I am most certainly ADHD and I have to move it, move it, move it. Even if it hurts it, hurts it, hurts it. Plus, you have to have total concentration for this exercise. And you know where that puts me.

I really really considered this. It's Texas weather most of the 12 months and I have a pool so I have no excuses for this except that it is boring. B.O.R.I.N.G. Plus, I get confused how many times I went what way. Then I start to cheat. I don't like to get to water in my nose plus I threw away all my bathing caps that I owned in the 60's when they were mandatory at all the AFB pools. I just don't look good in a bathing cap. My head is too small and they give me an elastic band headache. I much prefer floating on my super float in the quietness of the country and I would hate to start identifying the pool with exercise.

The indoor gym. This is a great option for me and a new gym just opened in town and I have already had a tour and think this would be a fun time. It's air conditioned in there. Has a big TV. Has lots of different pieces of state of the art equipment. So, hmmmmm. This is a definite possibility. Plus, it's a 24 hour deal where you can get in anytime 7 days a week with this special pass key.

But, the really one thing I want to do with my money is to buy me a bike. I have always loved riding. Not professionally or anything but just for the exercise. I am not into spandex shorts or exercise bras. I just want to climb on and ride through town, taking my time, looking at the old historic houses, and enjoying the scenery go by.
I know most of the dogs in town so I'm not afraid of a few barks or nips.

So, I'm working on this HEART HEALTHY exercise program effective immediately. I am getting this monitor watch and am getting my heart stronger and my psyche mentally fit. There are no more excuses.

YES. It is time to get moving. I have made up my mind. I am ready. This money is burning a hole in my wallet. Plus, I am getting a little grouchy and sedentary. I don't want to take root on the couch watching the Gilmore Girls.


Heather said...

Its about dang time! HA I'm very proud of you for making that decision. I am here for you. You know, if you need me to push you in the stoller or something. :)

Love your new shoes....and you!

Holly said...

This is exciting news!! So many choices. I agree with you about Yoga and swimming--though others rave about them. What do you think of Pilates? I think you should embrace your inner Lance and go for a bit of spandex--and you know how I feel about sport bras--don't leave home without it! :)

Good for you! BTW, I've been trying to catch up with the ol' Gilmore Girls--I'm in Season 4--how far did you make it?

Snapshot said...

What a hoot you are friend Lynn! The foot thing will get better, ya just gotta wear good shoes for awhile. Oh and get some of those arch supporting socks to sleep in for a bit too. They truly do help. And do the foot stretches before you ever get out of bed. A bit of Advil doesn't hurt either.
Get moving. It's fun.
I still gotta watch those Gilmore girls, can you rent the seasons?

DJG said...

Just Do It! Heck, you already have the shoes!!

Giggi said...

Bike riding sounds easy enough on the feet. Wish I could come with you! I definitely need to get moving myself!!! You go, girl!