Tuesday, January 22, 2008


In a world where everyone seems skeptical of "money" raising organizations it's nice to know that there really are things that we can do to make a difference even though it may seem small in the scheme of things. Research is a MAJOR and INTEGRAL part of the medical field. I believe that progress in treatments and cures of many diseases is in part due to the men and women who educate themselves to be a part of research teams and projects. But, it all boils down to the $$$$$ and the little people ( like you and me ) who can make it work. We may not have a microscope or know what to do with it. But, we can raise awareness and spearhead events that may only raise a small amount but somewhere along the line it goes in the big account where it can make a difference. I truly believe that God is pleased when we do this. I know that this should not substitute for other committments like our tithing and caring for our families but I know that if we can make a difference then we should.

Of course, the American Heart Association and the March of Dimes are near and dear to my heart. LITERALLY. Find somewhere today that you can make a difference. And make your pennies count. If you don't have pennies, then offer your prayers. My tiny and precious grandsons, Brock and Brody, were born prematurely almost 4 years ago and didn't survive. Their little lives will always be a part of ours. If you have a second, hop over to my daughter, Ashley's blog and read her post today. And watch the video. And prepare to have your heart touched.



That Girl said...

I volunteered and worked as paid staff for a couple of years for the March of Dimes. I would say that they are always on my list of favorite groups.

Giggi said...

Wish I could come and walk with ya'll. Go team Brock & Brody!
Love ya!