Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Well At Least It Finally Has a Name

I read the coolest article the other day that, had I not known better, I would have thought it was written about me. The article was describing a "syndrome" that I have that I didn't even know had a name. Of course, now when I want to explain it, I can't find the article to relay it to you. So from the best of my memory I'll highlight the basics of the article in my own words.

It is called the nesting syndrome. Not to be confused with anything you have ever read on "empty nest syndrome". This is not the same. This deals with a decorating "gene" that you are born with, I believe. People who suffer the nesting syndrome are called nesters. Nesters are a group of people, usually women, who find comfort and tranquility in creating spaces within their home, offices, outdoor areas, or wherever they spend alot of their time, that define who that person is. In other words, wherever they are their personal stamp is on that area. Or as in my case, ALL over my area.

Nesters frequently have the same characteristics as other nesters that have identified themselves with this same syndrome. Some of these include but are not limited to:

Excessive furniture rearranging to create new and more practical looks. Any time you visit the home of nester you are likely to find things in totally different locations as they were before. Artwork included. Especially knick knacks.

Knick knacks. Nesters love collections. They collect things that, to them, have very personal meanings. Nesters are always looking for new ideas, new themes, and other ways to display their treasures.

Magazines. Nesters crave magazines. They can entertain themselves for hours and hours with a decorating magazine or a catalog. It doesn't even have to be a new magazine or catalog. New editions, however, are reason for nesters to hyperventilate with excitement. Don't bother me when the new issue of Country Home comes out. Nesters also like to cut out of magazines.

Folders and files bring total excitement to a nester. They love to color code and they love to file things. This filing usually takes place in a basket.

Baskets, baskets, baskets. Everywhere. Things are filed in baskets, piled in baskets and sometimes lost in baskets. Everything from plants, to papers, to any arrangement used for decorating. Or as I like to think of it.....discreetly placed in baskets.

Pillows. Nesters love pillows and lots of them. Of course they must be arranged in a certain fashion for full decorating impact.

Candles. These are essential to a nester. They are everywhere and in all types of soothing fragrances to infilitrate the home with a pungent memory of a food, a season, or a place. Mostly cinamonny/pumpkiny/spicy smells. As in my case.

But, nesters are not necessarily clutterers. Things are neatly organized within the nest. Things are stored in jars, bins, or as mentioned above baskets.

If you have ever looked at the intricate way that a bird builds his/her nest you would understand this. I'm totally a nester. Totally. Do you think you are?


Tiger Lamb Girl said...

I think I'm definitely, most likely, probably a nester;).

Snapshot said...

I'm there except the "knick knacks". I'm not a collector of stuff that sets around. I collect ornaments, but they only come out once a year.

donna said...

No...I think I am a "live in the wild" kind of girl.....and I especially don't like scented candles.....

JC said...

I am definitely a nester. I can relate to everyone of the above characteristics. I enjoy some scented candles but my new obsession is Slatkin scented oils (from Bath & Body). LOVE THEM!!!!

Awareness said...

definately sign me up as a nester! however, i'm more of a nester who creates spaces for others in my home. there is not a more welcomed compliment i could receive from a friend when they tell me how comfortable and relaxed they feel in my home. pillows, comfie chairs, the fireplace on, nice music, candles.......that's how i like it.

it most definately is a genetic thing......i grew up in a home like that and when i visit my sister's homes......i always feel like i have been hugged.