Saturday, January 12, 2008


GET SET...............GO

Somewhere tonight Heather is hopefully full of carbs, feet rubbed down and all blessed, running gear all laid out and ready because in the morning at 5 AM the gun sounds for the beginning of her second marathon in Houston. The families all have rooms reserved downtown by the starting line so that everyone can be close by when the race begins. Whisper a prayer for all these "friends" as they head out to finish what what they have been working towards all year in training. Pray that everyone's ankles hold up and that everyone is feeling their tip top best. What a great feeling to see the finish line ahead! We are planning to watch via computer. GO HEATHER. We love you.

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Heather said...

Mom, thank you so much for yalls prayers....I could feel them and knew you were all behind me even though you weren't there. I finished, I'm home and I'm pooped..ha ha

I love you!