Monday, January 21, 2008

Rambling and Squinting

The second of my eye procedures is done! I am glad I only have 2 eyes. Hopefully, the procedures will correct the problem and I'll be as good as new. Except I didn't know anything was wrong to begin with. That is why it is an important thing to get your eyes checked regularly. I could have eventually developed glaucoma and / or lost my sight.

The little red dress you see in this ad is the logo for GO RED FOR WOMEN. In essence, red signifies POWER and energy. The dress is easily recognized as one of those "sweet" little number we wish we could all fit in and have in our closet. Last year the shirt I designed was a red t-shirt with a giant silver heart in the center. I added a "little rhinestone" bling to the center as a thank you to those who bought a shirt. I didn't put any writing on it thinking that they could be worn for other things like Valentines, etc. And they have been. I always seem to see someone wearing their GO RED shirt. But, this year I am doing them a lttle differently. They are going to be white with the red dress logo on them and the only writing will say, "BLESS YOUR HEART" bling bling will be on the dress. It won't have all that other writing on it that you see above. I just couldn't find a good picture of the dress. I already have gotton orders from school and church....tomorrow the city offices will order and the banks, the clinics, and the hospital and soon the entire 'ville will be supporting AHA! I can't wait. So, I'll be VERY BUSY once the TSHIRT shop tells me the shirts are ready to pick up. I have my glue and rhinestones ready.

TIP #3 .....CHOLESTEROL. Always have it checked as part of your routine health check up. KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. Your total cholesterol should be below 200. The bad cholesterol - LDL - that is included in that count, should be below 70 - 100, for people at risk of heart disease. The HDL should be around 50 or higher. Ask your doctor what is right for you, personally. Then keep record of it and compare it each year. There are lots of options to lower your cholesterol. It's best to take care of it before the doctor tells you to!

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Giggi said...

I'm glad your eye thing is over and went well. I think it's time for some smooth sailing!!! Looking forward to my new go red shirt! Love ya!