Monday, January 28, 2008

Wisdom Passed Down

My BFF, Tawana was talking lovingly about her mom the other day. She was explaining to me how so many things that her mom told her from the day she was born had made an impact on her. It made an impact on how she raised her own children. Just simple little comments that nest in the corners of your mind to be used when needed. For instance. When she would complain that she couldn't do something her mother would remind her that "you can do anything you have to do." There is no choice.

There is another comment of hers that has rung true to us for years. We have used it on our own children when needed. When something bad happens, be it heartache, pain, childbirth, worry, dread or whatever, Tawana's mom's words came to us. "It'll be over in a minute." I still used that one often. When I am up against something I don't want to face I just remember, "It'll be over in a minute." And it usually is. And it seems I am always up against something!

She instilled the love of the Lord in my BFF too. Tawana possessess the qualities of a wonderful Christian woman that continually encourages others. And her mother passed on alot of wisdom to her. Lots of knowledge and experience. And unconditional love. But, her wisdom I depend on alot. It's so nice to have smart friends.

She says her mom was just a simple woman. I don't think she was simple at all. I think she was very simply wise.


Giggi said...

Very simply wise, just like our Wanni. And she chooses her friends wisely, too. Love you both!

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Anonymous said...

lynn, i am mindy's sister -- and have been darting in and out of your nest for a while now.....i love your blog, your reflections and reminders....glad you are matt's aunt, which makes you kathy's sister, which makes you mindy's friend via kathy, which puts your name on mindy's "blogs i read" list, which is how i found you in the first place....glad to meet you! donna