Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Things I'll Never Grow Tired Of


1. The smell of freshly bathed babies. ( all ages )

2. Sitting with my family at church

3. Chatting about nothing and everything with my children.

4. A roast lunch at Mother's 16. Singing harmony

5. Good hair days 17. GOOD movies

6. Girl's TV night 18. Pumpkins, fall, and fireplaces

7. A massage 19. Floating in the pool for hours

8. Clean sheets 20. A new outfit

9. The beach ~ anytime. 21. Skin products

10. L'Oreal BLACK mascara 22. Purses and totes

11. Olive Garden salad 23. Manicures

12. Laughing so hard it hurts 24. Snuggling with my grandchildren

13. Being with my sisters 25. Forever friends

14. Blank notebooks 26. A clean house

15. Candles 27. Odd numbers


Heather said...

Nana's roast is also one of my favorite smells! I wish Yankee Candle would make a Roast candle...ha ha!

Oh, and the beach sounds oh so wonderful right now. We need to make reservations for the summer...NOW!!

Miss you soooooo

Snapshot said...

we are SO similar