Sunday, January 20, 2008


I have alot of BAD habits. But, we won't go into them all here. One of the worst things I think I can admit to is losing stuff. ALL THE TIME. I know my kids are smiling now. I guess misplacing my keys would be the # 1. However, over the past years I have gotton into the habit of dropping them in a basket in the corner of the entry way when I enter the house. That way they are waiting for me when I leave again. Or plan to leave. I call that my landing pad. Or launching pad. Anything that needs to go with me on the next trip out goes into that basket. It has worked great. Until this morning. I am dressed for church. My Bible is in the launching pad basket along with other things to go to church/town. But. Where are my keys? I have spent the last hour rummaging through everything I have touched in the last 24 hours. Pockets, jackets, purses, bags, baskets, cushions on the furniture. No luck. So while Sunday school is in progress, here I sit. I have left a message for someone to come get me but I am not looking forward to a scowl. But, where are they? I HATE LOSING STUFF. My mind the most of all.
It's all about exercise. Not necessarily working out at the gym everyday but even spending 30 minutes walking to get your heart rate up. The heart is a muscle and it needs exercise to be healthy. It needs exercise to repair itself after a heart attack. So, walk, walk, walk. Maybe I need to walk the 5 miles to church.


mindy said...

Hey, where can WE get your shirts? By the way - on your live traffic feed...that's my sister Donna from Franklin, TN. She loves your blog and was quite concerned when you signed off for a while, as we all were! So happy to be reading your posts again!

Heather said...

are you still looking for your keys?? ha ha! you should have got you one of those whistle keychains. HA!

Love you

Ashley said...

Are they in your CAR?? Maybe one of the squirrels ran off with them OR they could be in the door? ha ha ha.

Liz said...

I feel your pain! I had to install a message board/key hanger by the back door for this very reason! Everyone's keys go there. Since I have teenage boys constantly coming in and out, it is a lifesaver!