Monday, January 07, 2008

It's the Truth Too!

ACTUALLY. I did not make ONE resolution. It was pointless. I could have made a list just like the previous ones over the last few decades but honestly....

Other people did make resolutions for the New Year and unfortunately they included my name in with theirs. One of them being.....I am now starting a walking program with someone. Of course, I am totally doing it for their benefit.

My son told me to keep my posts 'bulleted' for his easy reading, so here goes.

***My uncle's surgeries and my long term care with him in the HUGE and mean city is only a memory. He is still recuperating but getting better everyday and ready to return to his own home. Sometime I'll tell you all about that experience. BUT, for now.

***My BOOKWORM program at the library with Tawana is going great. We both love it and have really developed a group of kids. We are in demand. Maybe we'll do a video! As long as we love it and can find a good children's book, we are there. The library gets us anything we want. Books, crafts, music, whatever.....all we have to do is ask. They foot the bill. So, every Wed. morning we show up for an hour and then have lunch together. It's great.

*** Heather runs in the Houston Marathon again this year. Her big race is Sunday morning. I am very proud of her dedication, determination and her constant discipline to practice! She is amazing. I think we need to rename her the streak! Even when she is not running she is. She is the ultimate volunteer. She is Sunday school teacher, room mother, car pool mother, babysitter, helper, "never say no to anyone" girl. She is constantly on her way to church, school, practice, dance, the field, or the gym. She is an extraordinary mother and wife. Her family knows it too. Luckily, Troy can help when he is not working crazy shifts. And he always does, without complaining. He just goes with the flow. They are a most admired couple. But, for the most part. They are always on the road. Rooster and Lulu are constantly in motion. Growing up too fast, if you ask me. R is into all sports...ALL of them. He is amazing and excels in everyone. L loves to dance and is soaking up Kindergarten faster than the teacher can teach. She is writing up a storm. Creative writing basically where she sounds things out and spells them like she thinks they should be. It's a great writing procedure and I love to decipher her notes. They are growing up for sure but will always be my babies. Even when Rooster is with the majors and over 6' tall. And Lulu is the best snuggler.

*** Ashley is launching a new business. Her website is up but not quite to her perfection yet. She is starting a photography business in the Houston area. I know she is going to do great. She has worked very hard, been practicing alot as an assistant "shooter" and done things on her own all trying to build up her portfolio. Ashley, just like we all have always known, was born to be a mother. She has blossomed in every area of her life with Possum's birth. She lives, breathes and makes this mother thing look so easy to newbies. BA is working hard at his new job and traveling alot. He seems to really like his job but like everything he does, it is full speed. He wishes he could be home more, I know. He is a very hard worker too. Just becoming parents this year they are adjusting to alot of new things. Possum is growing like a weed. 9 months already, can you believe it? She is absolutely beautiful. So smart. And nosy! She is in everyone's business all the time. She'll turn around at a restaurant like she is joining the next table and listening. She is beautiful and has been such an answer to SO many prayers. I have loved watching her and her parents fall in love with being parent/child and this family thing. Can you visualize BA talking baby talk? I have seen it with my own eyes. My "big ole" football player son in law can goo goo ga ga with the best of them. The bigger they are the harder they fall in love too. This family is always keeping me entertained.

***Mitch finally had a day off. But, not before the weekend before Christmas. The AHS WarEagles were one game short of the STATE playoffs. The defeat even came in overtime when each team only has one possession of the ball. It just wasn't enough time for another score. It was disappointing for them but they have nothing to be ashamed of! They had an awesome football season. I am so proud of Mitch. He had a great professional year and even the HeadCoach told me that Mitch was an amazing young man, husband, father and role model for the kids. I could have told him that myself. This year they became new parents too. They learned alot about balancing career and family. It's not easy. JD has so many mixed emotions about her career. She is such a dedicated employee yet had no idea how much she was going to love being the mother to Tiny Princess. She wishes she could just win the lottery and never have to work. I wish so too. She is an amazing mother. She tries hard to keep Mitch "in line" too. You know what a job that is! Just joking, Mitch. But, honestly, I could never have EVER hand picked such a wonderful precious daughter/friend. And Tiny Princess? Oh my. She is trying to crawl and I can't imagine what that little bit will look like walking. She babbles and bubbles and coos. What a beauty. Honestly, I am not kidding. And so happy and good. I hope that life always comes so good for her.

So over the holidays you can imagine how wonderful it was to have them all snuggled with me at home. We had so much fun and so many laughs. The babies entertained us all and their big cousins were the perfect babysitters. It's so hard to be so far away from them all. I wish they could all just be close enough to squeeze on a daily basis. Camp Neena is already registering. And I can't wait.


Snapshot said...

Tell your daughter good luck with the photography business. It's a tough business but full of heart filled rewards. Maybe not much money, but it's a very fulfilling job.

Anonymous said...

Can i register for Camp Neena? Please, Please Please!?
I will cheer for your daughter Sunday morning extra loud for you!!!

Heather said...

Thanks, Mom...that was so sweet! I love you!!